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Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs) 

Cubiks Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs) offer recruiters an exciting way to assess the potential performance of candidates whilst providing them with a realistic preview of the job they are applying for. Our custom built questionnaires engage participants, asking them to respond to challenging hypothetical situations they may encounter in the workplace.


When you have high volumes of applicants, deploying an accurate, effective sifting system at the start of the recruitment process can dramatically reduce the time and resources you expend. Online pre-selection tools such as SJTs help you filter out the most unsuitable candidates automatically, so that only those with a good ‘fit’ to the role are progressed to the selection stage.


With Cubiks SJTs you can:

  • Rigorously assess an individual’s aptitude and suitability for a role based on their responses to a series of decision-making scenarios
  • Assess candidates against the key behavioural requirements of a role
  • Provide an interactive assessment that is tailored to reinforce your organisation’s brand and values
  • Offer candidates a job preview, enabling them to de-select themselves if they feel the role will not suit them
  • Automatically screen out 30-50% of applicants
  • Generate informative reports for recruiters and automatic feedback for candidates


“L’Oréal has never been interested in following what other companies are doing. We have always been known for setting the trend and that is as true in recruitment as it is in the design and branding of our products. We need the best people, and to find these we must be able to attract and identify individuals who have what it takes to make a difference within our unique business culture.

Cubiks has helped us to make a quantum leap forward in terms of assessment. The solutions that they have designed are first rate and I am completely satisfied with the results.”


Director of International Recruitment, L'Oréal



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