We partnered with Cubiks to develop a number of selection and development tools to bring our leadership model to life, based on the PAPI 3 assessment. From the beginning, we were impressed with the easy use of the system, the streamlined candidate experience, the format of the reports generated, and the pragmatic usability of those reports. It is a pleasure to partner with the Cubiks team.

Vice President Human Resources, Hyatt International



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Hyatt needed to implement a new approach to assessing leaders, based on a framework that would better reflect where the company was heading. The company’s existing leadership model didn’t fully capture Hyatt’s anticipated challenges and the shift towards a new culture.

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Cubiks came on board to help create a ‘forward looking’ model, based on what would be key to the company’s success in the future. The Cubiks team needed to build bridges between the new model and Hyatt’s leadership assessment solutions.

The new leadership model and assessments were to be used worldwide by Hyatt, so Cubiks’ international expertise made the firm the perfect partner. Hyatt also needed a solution that was tailored to perfectly reflect its culture and Cubiks offered the flexibility required to achieve this.


The two organisations worked closely together to design a robust approach that would equip Hyatt with the tools it needed to recruit new leaders and also promote them from within the business. The Cubiks experts mapped Hyatt’s leadership model to the PAPI 3 personality questionnaire. This enabled Hyatt to roll out a rigorous, effective process for assessing leaders internationally, tailored by Cubiks for either graduate or leadership levels.

The Cubiks team also created interview questions based on the personality questionnaire to guide HR and line managers in their interviews. Ideal behaviours were identified for each of the Hyatt competencies, enabling HR to easily detect top performers and increase the quality of the selection and internal promotion processes.


Powerful insight for selection, development and change management:

  • Interviewing with PAPI 3 allows recruiters to quickly identify whether candidates have the potential to fit with Hyatt’s culture. The interview guides act as a conversation tool, equipping interviewers to explore each individual’s profile in more depth.
  • In terms of development, PAPI 3 has brought value for leaders at Hyatt. The insight gained has fed into their development planning, with leaders able to leverage the personalised coaching tips in their reports.
  • The personality-based interview guides have also been used to help facilitate change throughout the business and bring a new level of awareness in leaders at Hyatt. The knowledge accessed has assisted Hyatt with the transition to a new culture at leadership level.

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