Cubiks launches revolutionised Cubiks Hire tool

This week Cubiks launched our revolutionised ‘best-match’ solution tool Cubiks Hire the automated tool that empowers you to make the best candidate screening and selection decisions, quickly and with confidence

No matter how many applicants you have, you can find your best talent match with the right combination of assessments. The tool is formulated on expert knowledge from psychologists, data scientists and technology specialists, giving you deeper insights and the best personalised solution, while engaging candidates with your brand values and offering a meaningful experience.


What can Cubiks Hire do for you?

Here’s a quick video insight on what the Cubiks Hire tool could do for you.

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Read our video transcription to learn more about Cubiks Hire

"The right Talent Assessment Solution can have a big impact on your recruitment. Increasing your interview success rate and cutting time it takes you to hire. But every business is different and so is every role.

A ‘one size fits all’ solution just isn’t going to cut it. That is, if you want both the best matched candidate for their skills and your culture.

Cubiks Hire brings together a unique blend of expertise from psychologists, data scientists and technology specialists, so you get the complete picture. Giving you confidence, you’re selecting the best matched candidate, personalised for your specific role, and for your company. Giving your teams a solid prediction of job performance.

Behind the scenes, we’ll help you configure assessment modules based on your specific needs. While for your candidates and your teams it’s incredibly simple to use and can be easily integrated with your existing applicant tracking system.

Candidates are kept engaged through challenging online experiences that truly reflect the reality of the role. Complete with on the spot feedback so they feel it’s been a meaningful experience.

Your teams can quickly get a clear picture of who is best matched for the role.
Including concise, focused reports, to help you really get to know candidates so you can make the most of the interview.

No matter how many candidates you have, let Cubiks Hire find you best match."