Talent forum: 10 tips from the experts

Cubiks UK held a small forum with a selection of businesses to discuss talent identification and development. It was hosted by The Body Shop and the topic was sponsored by BBC Worldwide. Companies from a range of sectors attended including professional services, automotive, telecoms, media, technology and beauty.

29th February 2016


Challenges highlighted by HR professionals

This was a great chance for HR professionals to share insights about best practice and exchange ideas on talent management. The discussions were lively and prompted some great insight. Some key challenges were raised by the group:

  • How do you recognise talent?
  • How can you have a talent identification process without too much structure?
  • How do you influence the business about the importance of identifying and developing talent?
  • How can we increase diversity in senior talent pools?
  • How do you manage talent when there are limited promotion opportunities?
  • How do you measure the impact of your talent interventions?


Top 10 takeaways from our Talent Forum

1. Identification of talent should be a combination of senior nomination and employee referral.

2. It is crucial to have a clear, meaningful and easy to apply definition of what talent is.

3. Managers should be encouraged to consider individuals who are different to them as talent.

4. Being identified as talent should shine a spotlight on these individuals to give them a chance to excel at that time, not just be seen as a badge of honour for life.

5. Progression should not just be about upwards moves but also sideways opportunities and challenges.

6. There is great value in getting to know your talent better. Don’t treat everyone the same – listen to them, and find out how they want to progress. And bear in mind they may want to stay in their current role.

7. Once talent has been identified, look at a range of mediums for development, including training, secondments, exposure to senior stakeholders, stretch projects and mentoring.

8. Terminology is key e.g. instead of a Development Plan you could have a Growth Plan.

9. Reward managers for producing promotable people.

10. Be open to talent moving on to get experience elsewhere; just be sure to manage this and keep in touch in the hope they come back one day.


Jessica Shenton, Talent Consultant at Jaguar Land Rover said:

"Thank you for facilitating a great and highly stimulating session on Talent. I learnt so much from listening to other specialists from all different industries and I am already looking forward to the next opportunity. We all face similar challenges in our day to day roles and to talk these through and share best practice is such a worthy investment of time."



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