Select the Best Talent

Make the perfect match






Get the right people in the right roles

Entice the fresh talent you need with unique candidate assessment solutions that showcase what’s great about working for you. Get a solid prediction of job performance through exciting assessments that explore ability, behaviour, personality, potential and culture-match.

We’ll deliver a personalised candidate selection process that engages people through challenging live and online assessment experiences that truly reflect the reality of the role. 

Spend your hiring time wisely

Selecting quality candidates doesn’t need to be complex and time consuming. Our intelligent assessments quickly provide the insight you need to make informed decisions. And with concise, focused reports, you’ll be ready to really get to know candidates when the time comes to interview them.

Make an impression. Choose the best talent. And cut hiring time.

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Hire talent faster

Cubiks clients have slashed time to hire by up to 50%. What would you do with that free time?

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Meet only the best

By progressing the most closely matched candidates we helped a UK retailer increase interview success ratios from 1:3 to 2:3.

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Amazing cost savings

Our selection solutions already save employers up to £1m per year. Need we say more?

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Discover powerful insight

Easy access to fascinating insights with our versatile, targeted range of reports.

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End recruitment headaches

Step forward with a hand-built selection solution designed around what you need for success – today and tomorrow.

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Be bold and beautiful

Let all that’s great about your organisation shine. Our consultants will design a solution that truly excites your candidates.

Incisive tools. Responsive services. Proven expertise.

Artfully integrating cutting edge assessments with enthusiastic services and expert support, we’ll put our heart and soul into creating an incredible candidate selection solution for you.

Outstanding talent tools. Take your pick.

Personality Questionnaires

Get to know what drives people, with the industry’s leading personality questionnaires; PAPI & Factors.

Ability Tests

Test cognitive ability, the single biggest predictor of performance with Cubiks’ Logiks series.

Potential Assessments

Gain a head start by identifying high potentials at the point of hire.

Assessment Centres

Explore specific areas in more depth with tailored face to face assessments.

People Analytics

Uncover hidden trends and continuously improve your people processes.

Integration & Technology

Embed technology that seamlessly interacts across platforms and providers.


Arm your people with the targeted insight they need through a range of report styles.

Overcome your candidate selection challenges

Today’s recruiters face an increasingly competitive marketplace with tighter budgets and bigger demands than ever before. Attracting and selecting top talent continues to be a mammoth task that comes with an array of challenges. How do you combine accuracy, efficiency and a great candidate experience? How can you ensure you’re making the best possible hiring choices? How do you beat your competitors when it comes to attracting the best talent? No recruitment challenge is too big for the Cubiks experts. [more...]

By blending decades of experience with the latest advances in science and technology, we build assessment solutions with real impact. Working in close partnership with you, we’ll identify what is essential for success in your roles and help define exactly what kind of talent you want to attract. We’ll then build a process to accurately assess your candidates and deliver the information you need to make excellent hiring decisions. With selection solutions that go way beyond assessing competencies, ability and values, we make sure you are able to inspire your candidates and stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Our people are incredibly passionate about crafting engaging assessment experiences that celebrate the uniqueness of your business and its culture. That’s why we build personalised solutions that get your candidates as excited about your organisation as you are, while the science works hard behind the scenes to ensure your process is highly accurate, rigorous and fair. 

We know that personalised assessments aren’t for everyone. We’re extremely proud of our excellent range of off-the-shelf options, and we love helping clients pick and choose from the Cubiks toolbox. Bringing you powerful insight, simple administration, and great candidate experiences right out of the box, you might find that they’re just the solution you’ve been looking for.

Get a personalised solution, built around what matters most to you

Your talent selection solution will include the perfect mixture of assessments to explore all the elements vital for success in your roles. Depending on what you’re looking for, this could be any combination of ability tests, job simulations, personality questionnaires and potential assessments. Whatever you need to explore, we’ve got it covered. And we can customise and brand it to make it really yours. [more...]

Of course, the aim of the game is for us to bring you crucial information about your candidates, so you can make the best possible decisions about their fit with the role. But we’re not only here to build awesome assessments. We’ll consult with you from the very start, right up to the point at which you’re interviewing and even onboarding your new people, to make sure you’ve got all the support and insight you need.

When it comes to overcoming recruitment challenges and achieving excellence in selection, that insight is paramount. For this reason, your solution will come with a wide range of reporting options, including customisable reports for line managers, interviewers and candidates.


The smartest employers are already reaping the benefits of Cubiks’ selection solutions. They’ve seen massive reductions in time to hire, boosts to diversity, decreases in drop-out rates, and cost savings of as much as £1m. Isn’t it time you joined them?








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