Need in-depth insights to underpin critical talent decisions? There’s no substitute for a deep-dive face-to-face assessment.  Uniquely modelled to your company’s needs so you can understand an individual’s strengths, development areas and potential for growth.

Find out what makes people flourish.

What drives a person at work? What challenges them? What are their future ambitions? What do they excel at and what do they find particularly challenging? Cubiks’ assessment and development centres will uncover the answers to these key questions and more.  We know how to establish credibility with key stakeholders and deliver the insights you need to make informed talent decisions. Whether that’s for hiring, identifying potential, or to support individual and team growth.

It’s critical that anyone who takes part in an in-depth assessment finds the experience to be stimulating, thought-provoking and rewarding. This is what we bring. We create high impact activities that excite, challenge and inspire people. By bringing together the most suitable resources in our assessment toolkit, we’ll help you to explore dimensions such as personality, cognitive ability, performance and potential. In greater depth than ever before.


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Outstanding talent assessments.

Every participant matters. Whether you choose purpose-built, tailored, or off-the-shelf assessment and development centres, our end goal is always to help your people grow and succeed. Our experts make the process simple for you; selecting the right assessments, managing the assessment experience and delivering high impact and crystal clear feedback to both managers and participants.

With Cubiks’ assessment and development centres you can:

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Get to know your candidates better, make informed selection choices, and provide individual feedback to help people develop.

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Demonstrate your willingness to invest in the growth of critical people by providing high impact, personalised experiences that excite, challenge and inspire.

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Nurture self-awareness as a strong foundation for development, and equip people with the knowledge to create effective development plans.

Add mutual value

Excite your people with challenging sessions and incredible learning experiences. They’ll value it as much as you do.

Access insight

Easily access the information you need for better talent planning and decision making, with impactful reports in the format you choose.


Make it personal

Deliver an assessment experience that reflects your values and culture, while showing off your employer brand.

Stay relevant

Ensure your assessments are engaging and appropriate, with materials and consultant expertise that match the level and background of your people.

Trust the science

Relax, knowing you’ve got accurate, reliable assessments grounded in science and guided by our expert team.

Go global

Get truly international support with our vast language capability, cultural adaptability and assessment specialists all over the world.

Deeper intelligence for all areas of talent management


Select The Best

Get to know candidates better with Assessment Centres.

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Identify Talent

Learn more about potential with specialist live assessments.

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Develop Your Workforce

Accelerate growth with impactful, personalised Development Centres.






Empower progress and drive success with Cubiks’ assessment and development centres.




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