Embed a straightforward, consistent and fair process for identifying potential throughout your workforce.

Find the talent that will secure your future.

The Cubiks experts bring you a scientifically proven way to find high potential employees throughout your workforce. With assessments built from our robust model of potential, our straightforward solutions deliver powerful insights and a common language for identifying your future stars.

Packed with science, our approach explores the crucial qualities and attributes proven to indicate high potential. Cubiks' assessments deliver detailed insight into these areas, helping you learn who your HiPos are and how best to support their growth. Whether you want a self-report potential assessment, or an approach that allows you to capture the feedback of line managers, we’ve got the right tool for you.


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At last. A solid framework for discovering potential.

We can help you identify those most critical to your organisation’s future success. We’ll make sure your people are all talking the same language and have a shared understanding around potential. You can also choose to plug in our data dashboards; an amazing tool for exploring trends and characteristics across your workforce.

Powerful potential assessment tools

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Our Talent Indicator self-assessments deliver key information for HiPo selection. You can even use this at the hiring stage.

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When you want to ensure that line managers can contribute their views to the HiPo nomination process, our Potential Perspectives multi-rater is the perfect solution.

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Explore trends and relationships across your talent pool with dynamic data dashboards.

Gain accurate insight

Roll out valid, scientific assessments to get reliable information about an individual’s potential to succeed in a more complex role.

Discover more

Identify hidden talent across your workforce, don’t run the risk of potential flying under the radar.


Build future leaders

Get all the knowledge you need for effective succession planning and accelerate the growth of your key talent.

Generate excitement

Maximise engagement with impactful communications that get everyone on board with your potential assessment approach.

Dive into data

Learn even more with interactive data dashboards. Visualise your potential data to uncover trends and explore relationships.

Fascinating reports

Enhance your interviews, feedback discussions and development planning with in-depth insight in a format that works for you.

Potential assessments for every stage of the talent lifecycle

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Screen Candidates

Assess potential at first contact.


Select The Best

Ensure potential is considered when selecting key players.

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Identify Talent

Identify who should enter a talent pool or join a HiPo programme.

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Develop Your Workforce

Provide clarity and direction for focused development planning.




With us, you don’t just get science and insight. We’re passionate about seeing your people succeed, and delivering the solutions you need




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