Cubiks all-staff conference, Stockholm

Surround yourself and grow with colleagues in 14 countries who share the same values, celebrate individual differences, roll up their sleeves, take ownership and are passionate about seeing us succeed.

Our purpose is to empower people to achieve their potential – but we’re not right for everyone. We thrive on winning together, work at a high pace and expect a lot from each other. We always go the extra mile to succeed as a multinational player the size of an SME.

Have you got what it takes?

At Cubiks we like to get together. I enjoy spending time with my colleagues at our bi-annual international conference, going on a secondment to work with a team from another country, or taking part in one of our virtual idea jams (like Dragon's Den...but better) to find the next big thing for Cubiks.

Charlotte Dawson Church - Senior Learning & Development Specialist

Cubiks is a great place to work, because we all have an amazing amount of respect for each other. It doesn’t matter what you do within Cubiks, you and what you do is appreciated and valued by your colleagues around the world. Working together is what matters, people matter!

Caroline Nutbey – Office Manager (Netherlands)

From the warm & genuine welcome for new joiners to the way that the most senior people listen respectfully and consider diverse ideas, or how people in distant continents who you've never met will take time out of their day to help you, Cubiks makes you feel valued and at home from day one

James Raley – Country Manager (Dubai)

Cubiks DNA for me is a lot about working together as a team to achieve results. In some cases we get so close to our clients that they form part of the same team. We are also truly international and work across borders. In this sense the network or team for a Cubiks employee can be pretty broad and diverse which I personally appreciate a lot.

Johanna Ramos - Country Manager (Finland)

I have had a lot of opportunities to learn and do something new at Cubiks, both in operations and on the corporate side, as well as working internationally. I have been based in the Netherlands, UK, Malaysia and Hong Kong but have worked in many more countries!

Vincent Van De Belt – Partner and Head of Third Party Channels (Hong Kong)

Why have I stayed at Cubiks for 14 years? My various colleagues – everyone I’ve met along the way has affected me in some way, what a quirky, talented, motivated, kind and loyal bunch of Cuboids!

Inga Leru Kelly – Marketing Executive (UK)

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