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The retail sector has long been known for its unpredictability and fast pace of change. Consumers are notoriously fickle and as technology develops, even the way in which people make their purchases has shifted dramatically in recent years. Ever-changing customer behaviour presents new demands for HR professionals on an almost daily basis. After all, in retail, customer needs drive strategic objectives and HR has to ensure the necessary talent is in place to support these goals.

Terms like ‘digitization’ and ‘artificial intelligence’ are fast becoming conversational bedrocks, and with this rapid progress, it’s inevitable that change is a key part of the dialogue too. Change is a key theme in almost every conversation we have about talent assessment today.

In the past few years, HR has been growing increasingly excited about People Analytics. There’s no doubt that this emerging field has huge potential to revolutionise the way we support, develop and manage our talents. But for many, it’s hard to know where to begin.

Attracting and hiring top graduate talent is essential for the future success of any organisation. Here, we share some expert tips on what’s crucial when finding and recruiting the graduates you need.

At Cubiks, we're proud to assess people all over the globe every year, collaborating with our clients to help individuals and organisations succeed. Here's what our international teams got up to last year. 

To survive in the fast changing business world, employers know they’ve got to recruit and retain employees with potential; people with the ability to adjust to a continuously changing work environment and to grow into challenging new roles. Many rise to this challenge by zoning in primarily on ‘young professionals’, but this narrow focus is a missed opportunity.

With the availability of complex algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning, our predictive powers are rapidly growing and becoming increasingly precise.

Much attention has been paid lately to young graduates and finding ways to understand this new generation coming into the workplace.

HR teams are increasingly asking how they can better retain the right employees and manage their talent. These departments seek new ways to make their people processes more efficient and effective. In particular, with the rise of big data, many are keen to learn how their organisations could benefit from using analytics in HR.

Cubiks' Lisa Cox spoke to the Telegraph Business Reporter about how employers can make inclusion their strategic advantage.

Every employer wants their recruitment process to leave a good impression with candidates, even those who aren’t selected. The impact of not doing so can be far-reaching, particularly when an organisation has high volumes of applicants or in a situation in which candidates might also be customers. In this article, we share a few key ideas to help any employer ensure they deliver a great experience for candidates.

In the past, sifting has been applied primarily to screen out candidates. Today, sifting processes are becoming more advanced, in an effort to connect with wider HR tasks such as attracting talent. Here, we share some insight into the key sifting challenges, and a few pieces of essential advice on how to overcome them.