As Etray sifts candidates at the first stage, our assessors can devote more time to reviewing the outputs of the written exercise that forms part two. The automatic sifting process has led to a significant increase in efficiency, enabling us to spend more time focusing on the most promising candidates. With Etray we can assess an unlimited number of candidates 24/7, and this has reduced our time to hire by at least two weeks. Candidates find the process quick and efficient, benefitting from its flexibility and appreciating the instant response, particularly at the inbox stage.

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The UK Graduate Recruitment team receives over 25,000 applications a year for around 1,600 positions

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The firm has partnered with Cubiks since 2002 to enhance its recruitment approach


In order to select the best candidates from its high applicant volumes, Deloitte’s Graduate team needed a robust, engaging assessment with high face validity for candidates. Cubiks responded to this need by designing a bespoke version of Etray, its online inbox simulation exercise.

Deloitte’s Etray measures the competencies vital for success in the firm’s graduate and scholar roles. This online tool enables Deloitte to automatically filter out the least suitable candidates, maximising the time it can spend with those most promising.

Due to the large volume of candidates applying for the Deloitte roles, it was important that Cubiks could safeguard the integrity of the assessment. To protect against candidates cheating or downloading responses, Cubiks developed a series of parallel written communication tasks that are rotated periodically to prevent exposure of the test content.

With thousands of candidates going through the assessment, Deloitte needed to make sure the process was engaging enough to keep the best individuals interested from start to finish. Etray was the perfect solution, with its business based content and engaging interface, candidates stay motivated throughout the test.


Etray provides Deloitte with increased flexibility, as it reduces the time required for hosting assessments. By focusing assessment centres on the most able candidates, the firm can ensure its recruitment process selects the very best individuals for the roles.

Implementing Etray wasn’t a one-off event. Cubiks continued to work with Deloitte after it launched Etray; keeping the assessment relevant by regularly updating its content and norms. This means that the efficacy of the exercise is assured and candidates can always experience a fair and accurate assessment.

To make it easy to complete and administer, Deloitte’s Etray assessment happens in two stages. Initially, candidates are invited by email to participate in the inbox exercise online. This is scored automatically, sifting out the least suitable applicants. Those who are successful progress to answering the written communication exercise, which is scored manually.


By integrating Etray with Deloitte’s applicant tracking system, Cubiks was able to offer the firm a more streamlined process and reduce the overall time to hire.

This online assessment has expedited the selection process, which helps ensure that candidate engagement is maintained and talent is not lost.

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