It was a pleasure working with Cubiks, and particularly I praise their capacity to make each training day unique, responding to the needs of each individual and group. After every session we received positive feedback from the participants.In light of changing values, mostly driven by the younger generations now entering corporations, the time had come to refocus on our corporate competencies and reinforce how these competencies are related to the daily development of our employees. It was evident that the MAP MYR provided the platform for such reinforcement. It was also evident that Cubiks, our partner for various HR activities, was the right choice to design and deliver this training.

Learning for Development Manager, L’Oréal Benelux



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L'Oréal Benelux asked Cubiks to develop a training program to help managers with implementing a consistent and transparent approach for reviewing staff and developing competencies. The objective was to provide managers with the skills to conduct fair Mid-Year Review (MYR) appraisals that would add real value for participants.

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The MYR, part of the L'Oréal Managers Appraising Performance (MAP) system was a relatively new development and appraisal approach. Cubiks was asked to design a training programme to ease the transition from the previous process and ensure the MYRs were standardised.

Furthermore, L’Oréal had recently undergone structural changes which merged country operations into a new Benelux organisation. This meant that developing a shared understanding across the diverse population of managers and participants would be crucial.

To elicit useful outcomes from reviews, it was essential that Cubiks equipped managers with practical tips and techniques for conducting objective appraisals and facilitating open dialogue.


Cubiks worked with L'Oréal Benelux’s Learning for Development Manager to create and deliver inspirational training that would fulfil the needs of employees as well as meeting the company’s objectives. Close collaboration enabled Cubiks to gain a deep understanding of the company’s culture and combine this with its own HR expertise to develop the perfect programme for L'Oréal’.

The Cubiks training program has equipped managers to deliver MYRs effectively, feeding into a coherent approach to MAP. Feedback from managers has been very positive, particularly regarding their comprehension of the L'Oréal competencies and how these relate to daily business. Adding this structure has fostered a greater appreciation among managers of evaluating performance on an on-going basis.


At the heart of this one day course:

  • Engaging techniques to explain why the review process is crucial and beneficial for managers
  • Insight for managers into how the process can be linked to their own objectives for their departments or teams
  • Interactive exercises to highlight how competencies can be translated into team functions, making them relevant for each participant
  • Role plays focusing on conducting an effective MYR and dealing with the challenges faced by managers in a review setting
  • Teaching on techniques for coaching and dialogue, put into hands-on practice
  • Feedback from participants between sessions in order to evaluate and adapt the program as needed.

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