UAE Government

A high stakes project to identify and develop future leaders for the UAE Government.

It was crucial that the client had an accurate, robust and fair process for selecting candidates into their leadership programme, and they were reassured by the quality of Cubiks’ tools and consultants. They also needed a partner with a deep understanding of the context and challenges leaders face in the region. Cubiks provided a blend of local expertise, cultural sensitivity and flexibility to deliver the best-fit solution for the client.

A vital project

A vital project

Demanding rigorous assessments and local expertise

A flagship development programme

A flagship development programme

Identifying and supporting future leaders

Cubiks built tailored assessment centres

Cubiks built tailored assessment centres

Including a personality assessment and custom simulations


Creating an efficient, effective approach

A key challenge was the level of detail in the client’s competency framework. It was extensive and therefore  required some revision to be effectively applied during a brief assessment centre. The Cubiks team designed a method for simplifying the competencies, focusing only on the essentials. This process was carried out in close collaboration with the client to ensure that the final competencies were truly reflective of the responsibilities of the leaders being assessed.


Bespoke assessment centre pinpoints potential

Cubiks created tailored assessment centres for two levels of leaders, including a personality assessment and custom-built simulations designed to assess the behaviours in the leadership competency framework. The exercises were based on an industry sector that would be equally unfamiliar to all leaders, thus ensuring that candidates could not draw on their technical or functional expertise to gain an unfair advantage.

For successful candidates, a Cubiks 360 was administered after the assessment day to gain deeper understanding of their strengths and development needs.


Cubiks assessed over 200 leaders and selected 30 high potentials for the leadership development programme at two levels. Participants particularly valued their improved self-awareness after the process, as well as the opportunity to receive feedback on their strengths and development areas.

An additional 360 assessment conducted after the development programme offered insight into behavioural change amongst this high potential population. Our in-depth trend analysis indicated post-programme improvements in all competency scores across the board. Using this data, Cubiks created a targeted coaching programme designed to create and sustain momentum in the delegates’ development.

Participants’ feedback has confirmed that our coaching sessions have helped them better navigate organisational politics, manage relationships, arrange priorities, effectively plan work, and respond to change. They also report that they now understand the impact of their behaviour on others better, and are equipped to adapt their style accordingly.