Cubiks Denmark AS, Ny Kongensgade 15, 5. Sal,
1472 København K, Denmark
T: +45 39 48 20 50
F: +45 39 48 20 51

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The Danish Cubiks office is located in the heart of Copenhagen, just a 10-minute walk from the Central Train Station. Neighbouring both the National Museum and the Parliament Christiansborg we reside in a bright, and spacious office on the fifth floor of on Ny Kongensgade 15. In addition to our open office space where the consultants work, the office contains training rooms for seminars and courses as well as rooms for individual assessments, and interviews. 

Partner & Country Manager

Sune Malmgren

Even though Sune is heavily involved in the strategic work around Cubiks’ vision and future, he always ensures that close relationships with clients are maintained. He stays in tune with their daily challenges by participating in customer meetings and assessment centres. With years of experience in management and psychology, he is a specialist in organisational change.


Sara Bjørndahl

Business psychologist Sara carries out recruitment and development tasks for our clients, and utilises her special strength in communication when conducting Cubiks certification courses and testing tools training.


Tabita Jørgensen

With a particular interest in knowledge sharing and innovation, Tabita is a strong advocate for People Analytics, Big Data and online integrations. She also oversees events and newsletters, highlighting the latest business trends and solutions.


Thomas Kann

Business psychologist Thomas is active in a wide range of areas within Cubiks, ranging from quality checking of Cubiks' Talent Tools to the delivery of major assessment centres. Thomas has a particular interest in the identification and development of talent and potential, as well as creating flexible talent management solutions.

Managing Consultant

Kristian Terp-Hansen

As an authorised business psychologist with over 20 years of experience, Kristian is responsible for delivering larger assessment centres and management programs. Specialising in talent identification and succession planning, he has assisted in the selection of candidates from graduate to executive management level.


Rikke Thiessen

As administrator, Rikke is the service-minded IT support you speak to on the phone when you call us. As a super-user of Cubiks Online and our financial system, she ensures that everything is working impeccably. She also manages all our supplier relationships with skilled hand.


Anne Westh

As a business psychologist, Anne has a keen eye for relational dynamics and has a particular interest in maintaining good test ethics while ensuring the appropriate and most viable match between company and candidate. In addition to recruitment assignments and coaching, Anne is also responsible for certification and training for our testing instruments.