Cubiks' Alliances

At Cubiks we want to provide you with an end to end solution that works for your business, your processes, your people.  As a talent assessment specialist operating in the larger talent management eco system we are well aware this requires joining forces with other specialists from our field.  With this in mind, we have carefully selected a range of strategic partners - best of breeds in their domain - to deliver you more value above and beyond Cubiks’ expertise.

Thomas Eymond-Daru, Partner in Charge of Alliances

Cubiks seamless integration partner Warp Logo

Warp Industries uses the power of Virtual Reality to train people. They build tools that help create the most engaging, real-life training experiences. Simple and effective.  Together with Warp Industries Cubiks leverages the VR technology to create immersive assessment experiences.

Cubiks seamless integration partner Opensquare Logo

opensquare is a startup company headquartered in Paris that developed in partnership with Inria, an artificial intelligence that understands 60 languages. Designed specifically to understand the “natural language” of employees, opensquare have reinvented employee surveys giving free speech to employees and understanding their emotions. 

Leveraging opensquare’s technology Cubiks can now access new levels of semantic analysis until now inaccessible to analyze 360° feedback data.  The artificial intelligence replicates the work of humans delivering content rich analysis like that formulated by humans… The difference ? It does it more precisely, much faster and at a level humans cannot achieve !    

Cubiks seamless integration partner Cammio Logo

Cammio is an award-winning video recruitment and candidate engagement platform that includes video pitch, live and automated interviews with scheduling and recruitment analytics. Combining Cammio video interviews with Cubiks assessments offers both candidates and recruiters an easy, fun and effective process for recruitment : No Talent To Waste!

Cubiks seamless integration partner Pipplet Logo

Pipplet is the most convenient way to accurately test spoken and written language skills - 100% online and assessed by expert Language Examiners, with result provided in less than 24 hours.  Used by recruiters and trainers, from startups to large corporate clients, Pipplet is the perfect way to test an individual’s skills in more than 15 languages.

Cubiks assessments integrate seamlessly with a range of ATS providers to help identify and select the best talent.

Such integrations automate and streamline the recruitment process. For HR teams, they can access everything they need to help make the best decisions, within a single system. Costs are reduced and time is saved making for a much more efficient process. Candidates benefit from a simple, seamless and engaging experience without having to separately access different systems.

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