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As an international leadership team we are passionate about Cubiks.

We embody the Cubiks culture and put people at the heart of what we do. By doing this we know that we help all of the talented people that we come into contact with to achieve their potential.  With over 80 years in the business between the six of us, we draw upon a wealth of knowledge & experience, and have built very strong mutual trust. As a leadership team this allows us to work collaboratively and win together while at the same time challenging each other to create the best solutions and outcomes for clients and colleagues alike.

Martin Smith, CEO

Martin Smith, Chief Executive Officer for Cubiks
Chief Executive Officer

Martin Smith

Martin is the Cubiks Group CEO, overseeing the company strategy as a whole and reporting to the Cubiks Board. He joined Cubiks as Finance Director and was part of the leadership team that led the company into employee-ownership.

When he’s not in the office, Martin enjoys hot yoga and watching football.

David Lawton, Chief Technology Officer for Cubiks
Chief Technology Officer

David Lawton

David is a top business psychologist, tasked with ensuring that Cubiks’ assessment tools and services remain best-in-class. David works with our own people and our clients to keep Cubiks at the forefront of innovation and technical expertise. 

When he’s not in the office he can be found hitting the trails on his mountain bike.

Dimmy van Zanten, Chief Operating Officer for Cubiks
Chief Operating Officer

Dimmy van Zanten

Dimmy leads the operational side of the business. He works together with all the country managers and gets his energy from making things happen both for Cubiks clients and internally.  Dimmy is psychologist, has delivered over 1000 assessments and has developed several psychometric tools.

A little-known fact about Dimmy is that he has Dutch wooden clogs and wears them at the weekends when outdoors in his garden.

Jouko van Aggelen, Chief Solutions Officer for Cubiks

Jouko van Aggelen

Jouko is leading Cubiks People Analytics Practice and is dedicated to  bring the prediction of Talent to the next level. As executive director he is stimulates people to embrace change and to stay away from mediocracy. He’s an experienced business psychologist, a great talent spotter and he has a proven track record across the world.

When he’s not in the office he enjoys his family and his sports. 

Nick Parfitt, Chief Commercial Officer for Cubiks
Chief Commercial Officer

Nick Parfitt

Nick is responsible for supporting the commercial development of Cubiks globally. He has held a variety of consultancy and corporate roles and led the Cubiks USA operation for a number of years. He specialises in the assessment and development of leadership talent, both individually and with executive teams.

A little-known fact about Nick: He’s working his way through visiting all the US states, but still has 20 left to conquer. 

Tiia Tomband, Chief Financial Officer for Cubiks
Chief Financial Officer

Tiia Tomband