Attracting and engaging early talent: Where to start?

There has been, and always will be, competition to attract and recruit the best early talent. With so much noise about the unique needs of new generations, and innovative technology to attract their attention, where should you focus your efforts?

14th July 2017

Helen Clark

All good assessment solutions need to incorporate a range of features if they’re going to meet the needs and expectations of early talent candidates. At Cubiks, we work with recruiters across all sectors to ensure their assessments are both effective and engaging. Below, I’ve outlined four essential elements that when incorporated in early talent assessments will contribute to an outstanding process.


Engaging early talent: 4 Essentials

Be candidate centred

The employer no longer has control of the hiring decision; the power sits with the candidate and their experience of the recruitment process will affect their decision, and potentially that of their peers. Candidates want sufficient opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities, but they also want something back for their efforts. This may be feedback about their results, or developmental advice on what they could have done better. They also want to know the outcome as quickly as possible, meaning shorter, combined assessments across fewer stages.


Make assessments realistic

Candidates want a personalised, informative and relevant assessment experience. Situational Judgement Tests have been used extensively to achieve this, as they not only fairly and accurately identify potential, but also provide candidates with insight into the job being applied for. This methodology is now being enhanced to make assessments more informative and realistic such as by including media-rich immersive content that improves assessment fidelity or organisational videos promoting the Employer Value Proposition.


Deliver a technology enabled process

An online digital process, particularly on mobile, is the expected norm. Wherever assessments are in the process, there is expectation these will be technology enabled and “consumer grade”. However, there is a balance to be struck between exciting and attracting candidates, setting realistic expectations and managing their psychological contract. We work with our clients to design processes that optimise advances in technology whilst still providing a genuine portrayal of the working environment.


Keep it open to all

Organisations are exploring previously untapped talent pipelines in order to compete (e.g. school leavers or apprentices), and the needs and expectations of these populations can vary widely. We support our clients in ensuring that, regardless of a candidate’s background, they receive a fair opportunity to demonstrate their potential to perform. By blending assessments to provide a holistic measure of relevant attributes designed specifically for their level of work experience, along with extensive practice opportunities, potential can be identified fairly and consistently.

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Article originally published in HR Grapevine.

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