Attracting graduates: How to stand out

Every company wants the new talent fresh from university. But do they want to work for your organisation? What makes the best candidates apply for a job at your company? Here are a few key points to consider if you want your business to stand out from the crowd.

7th September 2016


By Tabita Jørgensen, Cubiks Denmark.


Participate in career days

Thousands of candidates attend career days every year. These kinds of events are the perfect platform for you to sell what your organisation has to offer prospective employees. One event earlier this year here in Denmark was a career fair called Career Days. Over the three days more than 8,000 students visited the fair, and 75% of these were subsequently considering making applications based on the conversations they had there.

In a world in which graduates are becoming ever more particular about the roles they apply for, these events have a key role to play. Research has shown that this young generation look for an employer who can offer them opportunities to develop, as well as having a culture that matches their personal values. What better way to demonstrate what you can offer than through your own representatives meeting them face to face to talk about what’s great at your organisation?


High volume challenges

Employers today often face challenges in graduate recruitment programmes because they receive such high volumes of applications. Everyone wants to attract the best graduates, but when thousands apply it can be difficult to identify the top talent. 

Traditionally, that means graduates are screened based on the grades they achieve. The problem with this is that good grades aren’t always a reflection of workplace ability. CV screening is even more problematic, not only because of the time it takes to read through them all. These days, there are so many online tools and templates for creating a CV that they often end up looking very professional, yet very generic. Therefore, it is hard to get a sense of the individual behind the template.

These cumbersome processes are resource heavy for employers and can leave a bad impression with candidates. Some companies try to manage expectations in their job advertisements, saying things like; ‘If you haven’t heard from us by (date), your application has not been progressed to the next stage’. While it’s better than no information, this approach doesn’t leave a positive impression with applicants.


Online sifting increases efficiency and leaves a good impression

These problems can be solved by deploying a well-designed online sifting process; you can educate candidates about a role and enable them to de-select themselves if they feel it isn’t a good fit. Plus, by assessing them in a range of areas that relate to a specific job or business, your selection system can automatically filter out the candidates that are least suitable.

Rejecting candidates who have been through such an assessment doesn’t have to leave a bad impression either. It is important to emphasise that a rejection signals a mismatch between an individual and an organisation – not a failure. Giving relevant feedback is essential to managing this. Online sifting solutions like Cubiks Hire can be configured to automatically email personalised feedback to unsuccessful applicants.


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About Tabita 

Tabita is a Consultant Analyst in Cubiks' Danish team, based in Copenhagen. Her main focus is on marketing and business development, via a combination of events, social media and client meetings. All this interaction with clients and prospects means she gets to hear first hand about the issues and trends in HR today. 

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