International People Analytics survey 2016: The results

Cubiks' 2016 international survey looked at the use of People Analytics across international organisations operating in all sectors. The survey ran from April - May 2016 and received 275 responses, predominantly from HR professionals.
19th October 2016


People Analytics: A new field bringing new challenges

Big data and people analytics are important topics that are relatively new to many working in talent management. Right now, the business world is experiencing a data revolution; with the volume, speed and availability of information reaching a scale never seen before.

With the vast amount of people data now potentially available, we've been taking a closer look at the emerging issues around people analytics and what they might mean for HR. Our 2016 global survey explored big data and people analytics and how these are applied by HR professionals today.

We’re pleased to be able to share the results from this survey with you. It’s clear that HR professionals from all sectors are looking to embrace the opportunities this data can bring, but that there are also some significant challenges in achieving this.

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Download the survey results in full here.