Robust insights into ability, skills and motivation to power your leadership decisions.

Organisations must continuously evolve to remain competitive, and strong leaders are critical to drive this evolution. They must inspire, motivate and drive change.

Strong leaders are at the heart of any successful organisation

Cubiks partners with clients to deliver leadership assessment solutions that meet business needs – from assessing new or existing leaders to identifying the leadership potential present in your organisation.

Cubiks leadership assessments provide the insight you need

Delivering deep and detailed insight, Cubiks leadership assessments provide the foundation for high stakes leadership selection decisions, as well as highly personalised development plans that can help leaders reach their potential.

How leadership assessments can benefit your business

Determine fit of external leadership hires

Recalibrate leadership teams after mergers and acquisitions

Identify best role fits during a reorganisation

Get insight into skills and motivation for internal promotions

Understand long term leadership potential 

Choose Cubiks for your leadership assessments

Work with experienced assessment experts

Get design & delivery support from our global network of highly experienced business psychologists and assessment consultants

Assessments tailored to your needs

Ensure your leadership assessments are tailored to your role and organisation


Suitable for all leadership levels

Utilise our unique levelled model of leadership to ensure you are assessing at the right level – from line managers to executive directors

Interactive dynamic reporting

Make the most of valuable assessment data with our advanced people analytics solutions


Utilise Cubiks’ global coverage and strong cultural awareness for global process alignment

Provide an engaging experience

Deliver your programme with a strong focus on the leader’s assessment experience

Pivotal insight for selection, identification and development of strong leaders


Select Top Talent

Vital insight for selecting strong leaders

Smart-casual smiling man in meeting room with two people identifying talent

Identify Talent

Explore characteristics linked to leadership potential

Cubiks Head of Marketing in discussion during business meeting around table

Develop People & Teams

Understand how to support leaders and leadership teams to grow

Arm yourself with reliable insight into your leaders’ personality, ability and drivers. Make informed decisions about your leadership roles.

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