Select and Develop Safer Employees


Measure safety strengths and risk areas unique to each leader and team member and build a stronger and more sustainable safety culture.

Research shows there are innate psychological characteristics that are consistently linked to safety behavior, incident rates, and even injury severity. Everyone has a unique combination of these traits and abilities, which we call “SafetyDNA.” Our personal SafetyDNA greatly influences our daily behavior, decision-making and exposure to risk. By knowing the unique safety traits of each leader and team member, organizations can truly “make safety personal.”

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Understanding Unique Safety Profiles

Decades of research on workplace injuries reveal that there are four personal factors that consistently relate to safety behavior and the likelihood of being injured at work. As a result, everyone has a unique profile when it comes to these factors.

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SafetyDNA is a New Kind of Indicator

Our unique safety model and assessment takes proactive safety to a whole new level, allowing organizations to assess and develop personal safety traits that have been very difficult, if not impossible, to quantify until now.

How Our Safety Development
Solutions Can Help

Develop effective and committed safety leaders

Provide employees with targeted coaching to improve employee safety

Hire safer employees

Build a stronger and more sustainable safety culture

Reduce safety incidents and prevent serious injuries and fatalities

Choose to Make Safety Personal

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Employees with high risk SafetyDNA scores are 4 times more likely to be injured

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72% reduction in safety incidents experienced by a petrochemical refinery in the first 6 months after implementation of our SafetyDNA solution

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2.1 million employee hours without a recordable injury

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63% decrease in days away due to injury within aluminium manufacturer Novelis

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Assessment is highly predictive even when factoring in employee experience and risk associated with each job

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We help you create sustainable safety improvements with our unique learning reinforcement system and development program

Develop Safer Leaders Now.

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