We found Cubiks understood the needs of our business very quickly and worked closely with us on a solution that met our requirements. The end result was a robust system that enables us to select the best applicants for interview.



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Dubai Duty Free is one of the largest and fastest growing travel retail operators in the world. The company wanted to ensure that they were identifying the right Sales Assistant candidates for Assistant Supervisor roles. Working in this role required a certain skill set and Dubai Duty Free wanted their internal recruitment process to identify these skills amongst present employees to ensure the right people were put forward for interview. In addition, the company hoped to relieve pressure on their HR team and create a more efficient process. 

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Handling high volumes & selecting the best applicants 

The Recruitment Team needed an efficient system to identify and select Sales Assistants who should be considered for promotion to Assistant Supervisor roles. Not only did the system need to be capable of dealing with over 600 applicants each year, but also it had to be robust, fair, efficient and provide a positive experience for candidates. Dubai Duty Free was impressed by the bespoke recruitment solutions developed by Cubiks for other leading retailers. The company asked Cubiks to design and implement a standardised system to accurately select the highest calibre individuals for interview. Dubai Duty Free has experienced a period of growth and internal applications for the Assistant Supervisor position had increase dramatically, and this volume was becoming harder to manage without recruiting more HR personnel. 


Bespoke & standard tools combined for a comprehensive approach

To develop an approach that would meet the needs of Dubai Duty Free, Cubiks worked closely with a number of stakeholders including the HR, operations and retail managers. In addition, Cubiks ran focus groups with current Assistant Supervisors in order to fully understand what the job entailed. In order to provide a thorough assessment that would also automatically lter out a large number of applicants, the nal solution included a Situational Judgement Questionnaire as well as verbal and numerical ability tests. For each section of the assessment, candidates were required to meet a minimum standard. Those who succeeded in all three parts were then automatically rank ordered so the recruitment team could invite the strongest applicants to interview.


Streamlined process leads to interviews with high calibre applicants

Since the new system has been active, over 700 employees have gone through the assessment process and 166 Assistant Supervisor positions have been lled. The Recruitment Team has reported its complete con dence in the new system and is pleased with the thorough assessment that it provides. Prior to DDF implementing this new solution, only one applicant out of every three interviewed was deemed suitable for the Assistant Supervisor role. Since the implementation of the new online assessments, this ratio has signi cantly improved, with two out of every three applicants interviewed now being promoted to Assistant Supervisor. 

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