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An evening exploring Inclusive Leadership


Join us in London on Tuesday 28th November from 18:00 - 20:00.

Attend a thought-provoking and dynamic evening event, where a mix of industry and academic experts will come together to discuss Inclusive Leadership.

With organisations striving to create an inclusive workforce, Cubiks highlights three important questions:
1.    What is Inclusive Leadership?
2.    How can you measure it?
3.    Why is it important?

The speakers will cover:

Pivotal research on Inclusive Leadership, what it is and what it means to organisations.

How you can operationalise and measure Inclusive Leadership in your organisation.

How to implement inclusive practices, with true insight into the value of Inclusive Leadership and how it can help a business to thrive.

To book your place, fill out the form or get in touch on ukteam@cubiks.com or 01483 544 290.
An evening exploring Inclusive Leadership