Cubiks USA Inc, 5600 N River Road, Suite 800,
Rosemont IL 60018
T: +1 847 993 3095

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The US headquarters for Cubiks is located in the heart of the windy city- Chicago, Illinois. With only a six minute drive from OíHare International Airport, and a wide variety of dining and entertainment options within walking distance, our customers benefit from an expert consulting team and attractive office location. 

Breanne Harris, Country Manager for Cubiks USA
Country Manager

Breanne Harris

Breanne Harris is an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist with 15 years of experience in HR consulting, talent assessment, and employee development. She leads the Cubiks USA team and ensures their clients achieve their strategic talent management goals. Additionally, Breanne is a regular contributor to HR and talent assessment blogs and often speaks at regional conferences.

Breanne has two daughters (ages 3 and 5), so she spends most of her free time braiding doll hair, slowly counting to three, and dusting glitter off of every surface.

Hannah Olsen, Principal Consultant for Cubiks USA
Principal Consultant

Hannah Olsen

Hannah Olsen is an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist and Principal Consultant. She is committed to partnering with our clients to find the most effective, efficient ways to the identify, develop, and retain the talent needed to drive their businesses. In addition to helping our clients employ our assessment tools, she leads assessment engagements for selection and development purposes as well as helps individuals and teams with her coaching skills.

When she is not working, Hannah can be found traveling or planning her next travel adventure. 

Kama Dodge, Senior Consultant for Cubiks USA
Senior Consultant

Kama Dodge

Kama is an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist who thrives at the intersection of people and data. Kama is passionate about helping employers fairly implement psychometric tools for employee selection and development. Both Fortune 100 companies and small family-owned businesses have benefited from Kama’s dedication to the science of talent management.

When she’s not in the office, you’ll find Kama cuddled up with a good book and favorite feline, Socks—who occasionally makes guest appearances on video conference calls. 

Krista Warn, Assessment and Finance Administrator for Cubiks USA
Assessment and Finance Administrator

Krista Warn

As the Assessment and Finance Administrator, Krista is the multi-tasking magician behind the scenes. She handles the assessment administration for our clients including candidate schedule coordination, training clients in using our online platform and providing customer support. In addition, Krista manages financial aspects and oversees project management activities for largescale client projects. Krista is currently pursuing her Master’s in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Elmhurst College.

When she’s not in the office or studying, Krista can be found taking classes at orange theory fitness or catching up with her favorite online fashion blogs.

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