Screening high volumes: 3 Top tips

Screening high volumes of candidates is a complex challenge for today’s HR teams. When it’s not practical to meet every candidate or screen applications manually, most deploy online tools to filter out the least suitable individuals.

16th November 2016

Cubiks Team

However, it’s not enough to implement a tool that merely screens out a proportion of candidates. Recruiters and assessment providers need to work closely together to ensure these tools really identify the most suitable individuals for a role. Plus, if employers want to compete for top talent, the screening solutions they deploy have to effectively attract, engage and retain candidates.


Three key screening challenges

  1. Increase the efficiency of the hiring process to reduce time-to-hire and cost of high volume recruitment.
  2. Improve prediction of future job performance through assessments that identify the best talent.
  3. Attract, engage and retain the candidates best suited to the organisation or a specific role in this early stage of the recruitment process.

At Cubiks, our experts work with the world’s biggest businesses every day to optimise their pre-hire processes and help their employer brands shine. We believe there are three essential elements to every successful screening process.

1. Use tools that measure multiple predictors of performance. 

Combining assessment tools makes for more accurate prediction, while reducing the number of assessment stages. This is a win: win, as it both speeds up the hiring process and reduces costs. For example, tools like Cubiks Hire combine assessments; measuring fit with a role, ability and judgement in a single, seamless experience. 

2.    Automation doesn’t have to be impersonal.

It’s important to think about how you are communicating with your candidates during early stage sifting. Are you maintaining a personal touch? You could, for example, set up automatically generated candidate feedback reports, so that candidates feel valued – and learn about their strengths and development needs in relation to their application.

3.    Showcase your brand.

Pre-hire is also a great opportunity to show off your brand and values. Consider how you communicate your brand throughout the process. For example, you could apply your branding to assessments and add in video clips of existing job holders. It’s good to include information about your organisation, the role and your culture to enhance candidate experience and show off who you are as an employer. At the same time this will enable you to offer a realistic job preview and self-selection tool for candidates. 

During current remote times, you could even start the relationship with a video connection, bringing your assessment and development online.

Want to learn more about high volume recruitment best practice? Fill in the contact form below or email and we’ll get back to you. Alternatively, check our global events page as we regularly organise HR breakfasts across the globe to discuss Talent Management challenges.


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