Have you ever considered what matters most to today's employers? We have used data from our 360 Feedback Assessments to present to you the top ten most used key competencies.

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Cubiks offers a flexible range of 360 Feedback solutions to enhance talent identification in any organisation. 

We work with thousands of organisations all over the world to assist them with developing their people using 360 Feedback Assessments. Employers use our Feedback Solution to efficiently combine multiple perspectives on an individual’s performance. Using a simple online questionnaire, it enables participants to get a balanced overview of their strong points and their areas for improvement.

In 2018, almost 20,000 360 assessment invitations were sent out via Cubiks Online, our central assessment administration platform. Since its release, 14,000 people have received feedback on competencies from our Cubiks Competency Framework. We analysed the data across these assessments to discover the ten most frequently assessed competencies internationally*.

1: Coaching and developing others

Identifies and develops talent in individuals, providing positive support to allow the individual to achieve their potential.

2: Results focus

Demonstrates a focus on achieving results and objectives.  Consistently strives to meet or exceed expectations.

3: Proactive communication

Actively keeps people informed and openly communicates relevant information to others.  Listens well and takes into account others views and perspectives.

4: Customer focus

Identifies and understands the customer’s needs.  Focuses on meeting those needs and ensuring both satisfaction and a continuing business relationship.

5: Teamwork

Takes a co-operative approach within the team, sharing knowledge and information.  Seeks to promote harmony within the team and contributes to team processes.

6: Managing change

Implements and monitors change within the workplace. Communicates clear reasons for change initiatives and addresses criticisms of them to obtain others "buy-in".

Employers use our Feedback Solution to efficiently combine multiple perspectives on an individual’s performance.

7: Drive and persistence

Demonstrates resilience in the face of setbacks. Shows tenacity and continues to strive to reach goals, despite obstacles.

8: Strategic thinking

Formulates strategies and approaches to clarify and achieve the business vision and objectives.

9: Motivating others

Inspires enthusiasm in others, encouraging individuals to successfully achieve goals and objectives.

10: Interpersonal sensitivity

Demonstrates a considerate and thoughtful approach and is receptive to an individual's feelings.

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*Taken from Cubiks standard 360 questionnaires, not including any bespoke 360s. Competencies are those most frequently selected by employers when creating assessments. Definitions are from the Cubiks standard competencies.

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