Cubiks Belgium gathers experts to share insight on graduate recruitment

Graduate Recruitment, or how to hire young professionals, has become a hot topic for organisations in recent years. In the Cubiks Belgium team, we’ve recognized this trend both in the local and international markets.

28th June 2017

Cubiks Belgium

Recently, we’ve been focusing on bringing our clients and friends insights into graduate recruitment, with an article on the typical young professional’s profile and another sharing our tips on how organisations can best attract them. To further put the spotlight on this area, we organized an event this June on graduate recruitment at TrainWorld in Brussels, a beautiful museum in the heart of the European capital.

We were delighted to welcome a range of HR professionals, who came to hear our speakers share their experience with and reflections on hiring young professionals.

François Fère, Cubiks Belgium Country Manager

Francois started the event off by sharing some facts on how millennials are slowly changing the landscape of the workplace from how it was known to previous generations. This contextual shift is characterized by:

  • Changes in demographics
  • Technology increasingly shaping the way we work
  • Intergenerational conflicts in working styles, values and needs between managers and millennials
  • The need for teamwork, continuous feedback and meaningful work are some examples.

Ilse Heylens, HR Director at Lidl Belgium & Luxemburg

Ilse then presented Lidl’s innovative recruitment initiative, aimed at making the retailer more attractive to the younger working generation. Through boot camps, original assessment exercises and data driven decision making, the company combines fun and adventure with proper evaluation, challenges for candidates and meeting its business objectives.

It was crucial for Lidl to align the recruitment process with its culture in order to bring a coherent message to candidates. The impact of the initiative was immediate; a better attrition rate, more people applying, fewer but better candidates hired and less cultural misfits in applications. What were Ilse’s key success factors? Keeping the process pragmatic, ‘Build-Evaluate-Adapt’, and working alongside experts to bring a reliable and exciting recruitment process for these young profiles.

Stefaan Van Weverberghe, Sales & Marketing Director at De Facto Image Building

Next, Stefaan highlighted the importance of considering young graduates in employer branding. He shared some recommendations on what’s important in a careers website:

  • Show your employer brand through the site design
  • Be user-friendly, responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Provide a true experience and a “feel of fit” for your candidates
  • Show relevant content on the company, think about what candidates want to know
  • Utilise website analytics to understand how the site is working and what can be improved.

Further, Stefaan advised employers to create an authentic and creative story around their organisation and think about what they can really offer to candidates. It’s no secret that organisations need to ‘sell themselves’ and impress the younger generation if they want to attract the best talent. Stefaan’s advice on how to face this? With authenticity!

Thierry Zintz, Professor at UCL (Université Catholique de Louvain)

To conclude the event, Thierry shared his experience of working with Gen Y students. He stressed the importance of using interdisciplinary projects to increase these students’ teamwork and networking skills. Thierry also spoke about the benefit of knowing the jobs market and how this helps guide students in their aspirations. He explained that through a realistic, project-centered approach and practical internships, close relationships can be built between universities and employers – something that is of huge value to all parties involved.

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