Cubiks Hire: Driving diversity in graduate recruitment

Dixons Carphone traditionally struggled to attract graduate candidates from a diverse range of backgrounds and minority ethnic groups

They approached Cubiks to help them out, and we identified Cubiks Hire as the solution to their challenges. Within the first 12 months the hiring of female and minority ethic graduates had grown substantially, and in the second 12 months, things really took off. Watch the video below, featuring Jonny Bevan and Jo Garvey, to see how Dixons Carphone empowered results through the Cubiks Hire solution. 

Jo Garvey, Principal Consultant for Cubiks

Jo Garvey

Prinicipal Consultant


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We've had some really positive feedback from candidates. It did what we wanted to do which was drive diversity.

Jonny Bevan, Dixons Carphone

Video transcript - Driving a diverse and objective hiring process at Dixons Carphone

[JB] We really wanted to create a consistent process for our graduates. We also wanted to attract a lot more (graduates) so we needed to to generate a number of applications to be able to get it down to the number of graduates that we wanted. So we needed something that was consistent, fair and would get us the right talent into the business. Talent in retail especially is more and more important each year, so we really want to drive the right talent into our organisation. In order to do that we need a more diverse group of people as well, and our process - or lack of process - historically didn't generate that and we knew we needed something that would.

[JG] Once we defined the behaviours that were key to performance for graduates at Dixons Carphone, we then designed an online assessment process. This consisted of a personality assessment that we could easily map to the role as well as an ability test. As part of the process, we could also easily input information that Dixons Carphone sent us, that we wanted to share with applicants, such as and blogs from current graduates and we could promote their employee brand as well.

[JB] We chose the Hire solution because we looked at a number of different options and this one was one of the most candidate friendly. It was reasonably short, it wasn't too intrusive on a candidate's day and we had used others before that were quite challenging - candidates were dropping out of the process at that point. We also knew it was easy to implement,  it was easy to brand, it felt like part of our experience for candidates it felt like something that we provided for them rather than an external company.

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[JG] The great thing about Cubiks Hire is that is really rapid and easy to set up but at the same time using tools that are grounded in science which means that you can be  confident that you're still protecting diversity and predicting performance throughout.

[JB] Cubiks was really supportive; It was a personal service, we had regular calls it was easy, it was quick. Cubiks also  - which I think was above and beyond - supported with the training and development of some of our assessors who never used anything like that before so that they were able to telephone interview candidates referencing the tool and referencing the material within it.

[JG] Dixons Carphone were great to work with because they were it really eager to get it right so they really supported us in the process. They gave us access to their current graduates so we could really understand what it was like to work there and what were the key behaviours that we wanted to assess.

[JB] We've had some really positive feedback from candidates. It did what we wanted to do which was drive diversity. We had low ethnic diversity and this was able to drive that up. It actually tripled it. And we went from having very few female graduates to having more female than male graduates which we were really enthusiastic about.

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