Driving diversity in high volume recruitment

Listen to the Cubiks and EASYRECRUE webinar exploring diversity and how to promote it through inclusive practices in the early stages of candidate selection.

6th December 2016


Need to know how to promote diversity in pre-hire? Unsure of the benefits of having an inclusive assessment process? Watch our webinar recording and let the experts answer your questions!

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The focus of this 45 minute webinar is on high volume recruitment, where psychometric tests and video interviewing technology are becoming increasingly essential to managing large amounts of applicants. The key questions we answer are around how these solutions impact on the diversity agenda, the challenges they pose and the benefits they deliver when applied effectively.

Key speakers

Lisa Cox, Cubiks

Cubiks is an award-wining assessment and development consultancy. Lisa, a member of Cubiks’ UK Consulting Team, supports organisations of all types with assessing and developing people.

Lisa has a specific interest in diversity and inclusion, and has lead multiple assessment campaigns for clients where inclusivity is a key priority alongside assessing fit and creating a great candidate experience. 

Simon Bushell, EASYRECRUE

EASYRECRUE is a SaaS solution for recruitment professionals. Their objective is to create a comprehensive and innovative digital pre-screening solution, to streamline interactions between recruiters and candidates, reducing time to hire, cost to hire and enhancing the employer brand. Passionate about new technologies and human resources, EASYRECRUE is convinced that video and recruitment are meant to work together.

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