Enhancing the candidate experience with innovative online assessments

The dynamics of graduate selection have shifted dramatically over the last decade, reflecting the way in which graduates increasingly interact with and depend on technology.

5th April 2016

Cubiks Team

Today’s graduates have been raised under the influence of fast growing mobile, social and cloud technology, as well as rapid advances in the video games industry. Generation Y is accustomed to operating in a responsive, interactive environment, and employers now recognise the impact this has when it comes to online selection.


Developing innovative assessments 

In light of this, businesses are beginning to capitalise on the opportunities presented by deploying innovative assessments in their online selection processes. In particular, gamification, the trend of using gaming elements in a non-game environment is quickly gaining traction. L'Oréal’s ‘Reveal’ online selection game (www.reveal-thegame.com) is an excellent example of the results employers can achieve when they gamify their recruitment processes.

Reveal was developed by a project team including L’Oréal, communications specialists and Cubiks. This multi-site online game allows candidates from around the world to experience a number of scenarios set in a virtual L’Oréal office. In these scenarios, candidates are given the opportunity to learn more about various aspects of the business. They are then able to match themselves to the company’s requirements by completing a series of online tests and compete with one another, sharing their scores via Facebook.

The game has been a huge success for L'Oréal. One of the company’s main aims was to raise awareness of the different career paths it offers and also attract more male candidates. Reveal has achieved these goals, engaging with a wider group and diversifying the applicant pool and the roles they apply for. It also secured a number of industry awards including the UK National Graduate Recruitment Award for the 'Most innovative way of attracting graduates'.


Enhancing user experience

Online solutions such as this have tremendous power to enhance user experience, motivate candidates and influence their behaviour. We work with major employers around the world, helping them develop engaging approaches to selection and assessment. Recently, we assisted Shell with redesigning its end-to-end international graduate selection process. This included the development and implementation of a number of assessments to help the company sharpen its early pre-screening.

The online assessments developed for Shell include challenging ‘day in the life’ style scenarios that explore the behavioural style of candidates at the same time as offering them realistic insight into working for the company. This project has brought significant rewards for Shell, as the assessments sift the high volume of candidates, efficiently identifying those who do not possess the skills required. This means that only the highest calibre candidates reach the company’s final selection stage which has resulted in an increased conversion rate of offers from final stage assessment.


Creating engaging assessments

Today’s graduates are looking for an engaging assessment experience, but they also want to find out what an organisation stands for and get a feel for its culture. Interactive selection processes that demonstrate a company’s values and brand will therefore have an increasingly important part to play as employers compete for the very best graduate talent.

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