People analytics experts exchange insight at Cubiks conference

At Cubiks, our team has been leading the data driven assessment space for over twenty years, and we know that applying data and analytics to people management can bring huge benefits for employers. Today’s media is increasingly buzzing with the themes of big data and analytics, with employers realising the opportunities that connecting data with talent management can bring. However, our research has shown that while employers see the potential, many are unsure of how to take advantage of what people analytics can offer.

24th May 2016

Laura Parrack

We recently teamed up with leading thinkers in the field of people analytics to deliver an interactive conference exploring data and analytics in more depth. HR professionals and data experts from a wide range of industries attended on the day; engaging in some lively discussions around what people analytics means for the future of talent assessment.

Here’s a summary of the day’s presentations.

Jouko van Aggelen: Head of People Analytics at Cubiks

Jouko shared with the audience an exclusive preview of the headline results from our recent global survey on people analytics. Jouko explored the opinions given by the survey respondents on what analytics means for HR, where organisations are currently at with using people data and the challenges they anticipate encountering as they move towards rolling out people analytics. You can read more about the survey results here.

Luk Smeyers: Co-Founder at iNostix

Luk gave an interesting talk on the founding of iNostix and his vision of data being at the core of HR in the future. He discussed how he sees HR as running to catch up with other business functions in terms of using data for forecasting. A key message from Luk was his call to HR professionals to turn to data when making hiring choices, leveraging analytics to remove some of the risk of intuition-based decision making.

Patrick Coolen: Manager of HR Metrics and Analytics at ABN Amro

Running a department that supports evidence-based decision making within HR at this major bank, Patrick is an experienced user of HR Analytics. In his presentation, he shared what his department has learned on the journey to becoming a mature people analytics function, including advice and success stories. One of his key messages was that people analytics needs extensive buy-in across an organisation to work. Without becoming part of a business’ DNA, it will be difficult for HR analytics to be rolled out and utilised to its full potential.

To round off the day’s events, the keynote speakers convened to answer questions from attendees on data and analytics in HR. These questions provoked some fascinating discussions, particularly around the challenges HR faces in deploying analytics.

We’d like to extend our thanks to everyone who attended and made this event a great success. Finally, thanks again to our speakers, as well as to Prologis for hosting the conference.

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