People Analytics: Join us in Amsterdam for an interactive conference

At Cubiks we get excited about big data. That’s because we know applying data and analysis to people management can bring huge opportunities for employers. This May, we’ve partnered with leading thinkers in the field of people analytics to deliver an interactive event for HR professionals looking to discover the benefits of connecting data with talent management.

5th May 2016


Teaming up our own experts with trailblazers from iNostix, ABN Amro and Prologis, we’ll be exploring the key issues around data analytics and people management. 

HR Analytics - The why, how and what

Patrick Coolen of ABN Amro runs a department that strives to support evidence-based decision making within HR at the bank. Patrick and his team have learned a great deal on the journey to becoming a mature HR Analytics function and he’ll be sharing his advice and success stories.

Wake up recruiters! Switch to predictive analytics!

Luk Smeyers, Co-Founder at iNostix, is a predictive analytics evangelist. He envisages data being at the core of recruitment in the future. Luk will discuss how data can be leveraged to remove some of the risk from recruitment decisions, calling on HR to turn to data rather than intuition when making hiring choices. He will also offer some tips on using the latest technology to make this process simpler and answering people analytics questions from delegates.

HR analytics disrupting the world of people assessment 

This session will be presented by Cubiks’ very own Jouko van Aggelen, Partner and People Analytics Project Lead. Jouko will share an exclusive preview of the headline results from our recent global survey on people analytics. In addition, he’ll provide some insight regarding what’s needed to take people assessment to a new level – one that takes full advantage of the wealth of data HR departments have at their fingertips today.

Arnaud Bouvet, Cubiks Partner and Head of Marketing said:

“Cubiks has been leading the data driven assessment space for more than 20 years, and reinforcing best practice is at the core of our expertise. We are very excited to be delivering our first data driven event, which promises to be a fascinating day.  The Cubiks team is looking forward to hearing from these speakers and meeting our international clients and peers.”

To round off the day’s events, the keynote speakers will convene to answer questions from attendees on data and analytics in HR. There will also be ample opportunities for delegates to network over coffee and lunch.