Predict Candidate Performance In The Preselection Process

Predicting your candidates' future performance can be useful for employers, especially in a fast-paced working environment. Find out how Cubiks Factors analyses work style assessment at the early stages of the recruitment process to select the best fit for the role.

12th April 2016

Laura Parrack

Things have started to change.  Research across different organisations and roles has consistently shown that assessments measuring work style and preferences can predict a range of competencies. This has resulted in a new trend wherein the data from these questionnaires can be used to generate competency scores, using the algorithms derived from people analytics.


Introducing Cubiks Factors: Predicting performance in pre-selection

The experts at Cubiks have created Cubiks Factors, an analytics driven work style assessment for use in the early stages of selection. When embedded in the Cubiks Hire solution, Cubiks Factors can be combined with additional assessments such as ability tests to deliver a swift and thorough evaluation of a candidate’s fit with a role. This all-round approach offers an efficient way of managing candidate numbers, allowing you to meet with only the candidates who most closely fit the role. For this reason, Cubiks Hire is a powerful and cost effective way to speed up your hiring process.


How does Cubiks Factors work?

Cubiks Factors has been developed to assess the competencies related to performance in roles most frequently requiring a preselection process. The questionnaire is based on a thoroughly researched six factor model of potential and performance. Cubiks’ R&D team developed this from the well-known Big Five model of personality, building on its heritage and making some adaptations for today’s work demands. Discover more about what’s measured by Cubiks Factors in our article ‘Cubiks Factors: The evolution of the Big Five’.

“Cubiks Factors is a scientifically grounded tool that enables employers to assess job fit. Using the latest data driven approaches, the tool is underpinned by hard data showing that it predicts job success across a range of roles and geographies. Validated internationally and adapted culturally, your recruitment team can trust Cubiks Factors to put forward the candidates with the best chance of being successful in your business.”

David Lawton, Cubiks Partner and Chief Technology Officer

Deploying Cubiks Factors

While this new work style assessment has been designed to reflect a broad range of roles and their requirements, we also know that in many scenarios one size doesn’t fit all. The competencies linked to success can vary considerably between jobs and organisations. For this reason, Cubiks Factors can be configured for individual roles to align with what you’re looking for. And of course, we can integrate our solutions with your ATS, offering a seamless process for candidates as well as your recruiters.

We’ve just launched Cubiks Hire, more information on this innovative new preselection solution is available here. If you’d like to explore in more depth how to add speed and efficiency to preselection, please get in touch with us using the form below.

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