Video: Developing a cutting edge high volume recruitment strategy

Senior HR professionals met in Copenhagen to discuss their high volume recruitment challenges and crowdsource new solutions to them. Lots of fantastic ideas came out of this interactive event organised by Cubiks and Teneo.

12th December 2016

Laura Parrack

People are your greatest asset, so of course you’ve got to have great recruitment processes in place. But when you’ve got large volumes of candidates, the stakes are even higher. In attracting and sifting these applicants, it is essential to strike a balance between efficiency and competing to attract top talent. With high volumes, you also need to ensure you are delivering an engaging candidate experience that leaves a positive impression of your brand. 

Teneo and Cubiks recently held an interactive high volume recruitment workshop to help senior HR professionals tackle their sifting challenges. This event offered delegates the chance to bounce their ideas off other HR leaders and work together, hands-on to build an effective strategy to take away.

Watch our video below to see some highlights from the event.

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