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Your organisational culture and existing levels of transparency may influence your decision to be open about your high-potential practices, but it may also be helpful to take into account some of the ethical and legal implications too.
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It’s long been established that for future success, organisations need to understand the attributes of their workforce, identify top talent and implement processes to develop these people - yet many executives still find they have an insufficient grasp on what type of talent they need to drive business success.
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Generations imposed by prejudice have a lot more to offer than we might think...
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Recent research has revealed that 68% of companies with a high potential programme say that it is not very effective, but where are organisations going wrong?
Diverse candidates await candidate assessment
Why candidate assessments can be difficult for those in-between jobs and strategies to make this better
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Why is Person-Organisation fit something we should care so much about?
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Cubiks has teamed up with Warp Industries to bring you Virtual Reality Situational Judgement Assessments
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360 performance reviews have been used in every shape and form, which is why it’s all the more surprising that today we still see them being implemented in ways that add limited value – to organisations and participants alike.
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After receiving 360 feedback results, the most common question from participants is “now what?” But that’s the wrong question. We can’t get to “now what?” without first answering “how, why, and with whom?”
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It’s a fact that high quality 360 feedback is essential to the ongoing health of any business. While 360 feedback has a long history in the workplace, employers still face challenges when running their review processes.
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Empowering managers, HR professionals & individuals with the power of analytics data
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Potential for what? 4 Questions to ask about your High Potential programme