Cubiks professional woman considers People Analytics
An article by Jakob Radeborn, a psychologist and consultant analyst in Cubiks' Swedish office, on the HR community embracing People Analytics for Talent Management and where it will be heading in the future.
Cubiks professional man considers talent acquisition
Article by Kama Dodge from Cubiks US about burnout in a business environment, what are the signs and the risks associated with it.
Cubiks professional woman considers People Analytics
An article by Charlotte Harman, Senior Consultant at Cubiks with her tips on how to embed Inclusive Leadership into your organisation and how to over come any barriers.
Futuristic graphic represents HR technology
New HR Tech comes with promises of epic candidate engagement, fantastic diversity and the use of Artificial Intelligence to revolutionise your processes. But is it all just a myth?
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Get revolutionised candidate screening and selection with Cubiks Hire, our automated ‘best-match’ solution tool, quickly, easily and with confidence.
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Here are some tips from the Cubiks experts to help make sure you’re delivering outstanding interviews and engaging the best talent.
Learn how to run outstanding hiring programs with Insights and facts from some of Cubiiks' best and brightest located throughout Europe. Cubiks supports more than 1000 clients in over 50 countries. Our solutions support not only the needs of employers looking to hire top talent, but also enhance the candidate journey.
A combination of experts from across the globe deliver their valuable insights and data in the newest feedback magazine from Cubiks. Download the magazine to read about how you can use feedback to drive and empower talent development.
Interview of Sébastien Cobut, Country Manager Cubiks Belgium & Luxembourg.
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Your organisational culture and existing levels of transparency may influence your decision to be open about your high-potential practices, but it may also be helpful to take into account some of the ethical and legal implications too.
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It’s long been established that for future success, organisations need to understand the attributes of their workforce, identify top talent and implement processes to develop these people - yet many executives still find they have an insufficient grasp on what type of talent they need to drive business success.
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Generations imposed by prejudice have a lot more to offer than we might think...