The Cubiks SJT has been a highly worthwhile addition to our Fast Stream graduate test package. It has delivered a relevant, robust and engaging assessment that offers an important evolution in our approach, serving to capture elements of the graduate role, its challenges and highlights.



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An additional assessment to enhance validity

The Fast Stream team asked Cubiks to create a new Situational Judgement Test (SJT), to add to its selection process with the goal of improving fairness and reducing adverse impact. This new assessment would complement the already established selection approach, adding in multiple-choice questions based on a series of workplace scenarios specific to graduate roles within the Civil Service.


Extensive trialling to optimise test items

Cubiks created 73 SJT questions, which were trialled with over 11,000 applicants to the graduate programme in 2014/15. To even further ensure the validity of this content, 45 Fast Stream managers also participated in the trial. Subsequently, these test items were analysed to create a shortlist that would comprise the final assessment.

The 20 best performing questions were selected, on the basis of their ability to predict assessment centre performance. These were also mapped against six crucial competencies in the Fast Stream’s competency framework.


New SJT predicts assessment centre performance

The items selected for the SJT are shown to have a significant correlation with candidate assessment centre performance. The final assessment showed no adverse impact for gender or ethnicity, with females only slightly outperforming males.

This pattern is mirrored in the live data from 2015/2016 generalist scheme, with the SJT showing no adverse impact for gender, ethnicity, Oxbridge attendance or socio-economic status.

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