Cubiks France, 40 rue La Boétie
75008, Paris, France
T: +33 1 55 80 59 00
F: +33 1 55 80 59 10

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Cubiks' french office is located in the heart of Paris, close to Saint Lazare train station and the Champs Elysées! Our Consultants and Support teams are always delighted to welcome you for a meeting, training or an assessment.

Gwladys Muller, Partner & Country Manager for Cubiks France
Partner & Country Manager

Gwladys Muller

Gwladys leads Cubiks’ French office. She guarantees that all our 30 team members (consultants and support functions) are providing the best quality solutions and services to our 300 clients.

When she is not at the office, Gwladys can give you excellent restaurants addresses in Paris; she likes culinary discoveries with her family and friends.

Ludovic Herbil, Solutions Manager for Cubiks France
Solutions Manager

Ludovic Herbil

Ludovic oversees the launch and sales activity of Cubiks’ solutions in France. As a project manager, he is involved is assessing candidates both in France and abroad.

When he is not at the office, Ludovic continues to help others using his personal development coaching skills.

Ségolène Tiquet, Sales & Marketing Manager for Cubiks France

Ségolène Tiquet

Ségolène leads our sales development strategy and ensures the visibility of our Talent Management solutions in the wider French market.

When she is not at the office, she likes biking in different capital cities, and sharing good times with her family and friends.

Catherine Desforges, Consultancy Delivery Manager for Cubiks France
Consultancy Delivery Manager

Catherine Desforges

Catherine leads assessment and development assignments while helping individuals and teams with her coaching skills. 

When she is not helping clients, she develops herself by discovering new books and new cultures.

Amoria Draoua, Consultant for Cubiks France

Amoria Draoua

Amoria manages our sales team for a selection of Cubiks' clients, and she is responsible for the sales of our personalised talent solutions to HR professionals.

When she is not at the office, Amoria is songwriter, producer and singer - both in studio and on stage.

Audrey Philocles, Consultant for Cubiks France

Audrey Philocles

Audrey’s focus is around offering solutions that fit with the context and the HR challenges of our clients. She also Project Manages the design of HR policies & processes.

When she is not at the office, you'll find her in a theatre or on a café terrace.

Wanda Charbit, Consultant for Cubiks France

Wanda Charbit

Wanda is focused on HR consultancy, knowledge transfer, Assessment and Development Centers, individual and collective development.

Outside of the office, she is drawn to the call of the sea. She loves traveling, especially to sunny destinations.

Héloïse Derijard-Kummer, Project Manager for Cubiks France
Project Manager

Héloïse Derijard-Kummer

Héloïse manages several HR projects, and shapes talent management solutions for our clients during the set-up phase. She also guides clients through the different steps of a project.

When she is not at Cubiks, she gets lost in manga and comics.

Rosette Dusabe, Consultant for Cubiks France

Rosette Dusabe

Rosette handles the customer relationship with a number of our clients; mostly HR firms and small to medium businesses. She also co-facilitates training sessions.

When she is not at the office she has several passions including sport and travel.

Gwendoline Fechet, Consultant for Cubiks France

Gwendoline Fechet

Gwendoline trains clients to use our talent tools and solutions, and also delivers Assessment Centres. She helps with designing personalised development tools and contributes to the educational engineering of training packages.

When she is not at Cubiks, Gwendoline sings in an indie-rock and electronic group.

Ariane Heymans, Consultant for Cubiks France

Ariane Heymans

Ariane helps HR professionals to design
assessment solutions and training. She uses her vast expertise to provide tailored-made solutions to our clients.

When she is not at the office, she enjoys the theatre and attends concerts at the Paris Philharmonic.

Muriel Martin, Consultant for Cubiks France

Muriel Martin

Muriel delivers Assessment and Development Centers as well as training sessions. She also helps key accounts in their Talent Management, and is a professional coach for individual development.

When she is not at Cubiks, Muriel learns how to craft furniture, or can be found visiting exhibitions and shops to discover new trends in internal decoration.

Sandra Milôme, Consultant for Cubiks France

Sandra Milôme

Sandra helps clients to resolve their HR challenges. She has a passion for designing and delivering training, and her colleagues don't hesitate to use her creativity to meet our clients’ needs.

When she is not at Cubiks, Sandra loves to read stories to children.

Aurélie Mora, Consultant for Cubiks France

Aurélie Mora

Aurélie delivers Assessment and Development centres, and talent management training sessions. She likes to understand and meet client needs.

When she is not at the office, Aurélie loves discovering new cultural exhibits and reading in parisian gardens.

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