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Over the last two decades, researchers have found EI to be a critical factor in distinguishing high performers and an important determinant of effective leadership and life success.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is how somebody manages their personality to be both personally and interpersonally effective. Emotional Intelligence is not soft or difficult to define; EI is a psychobiological process that people experience, and it can be measured and developed.

Personal Intelligence

Having positive self-regard, being self-aware and managing your behaviour effectively.

Interpersonal Intelligence

Having a positive regard for others, being aware of others and managing your relationships effectively.

How a focus on EI can
benefit your organisation

Develop a sustainable high-performance climate

Create open, collaborative and trust-based cultures

Improve employee engagement

Build an emotionally resilient workforce

Focus talent development on the leadership qualities that are critical for future success

Transform the interpersonal skills of technical experts

What is Emotional Intelligence about?

EI is about

It is a person’s attitude that largely influences their feelings, thoughts and in turn behaviours. Consequently, EI is fundamentally influenced by the attitudes you hold toward yourself and others

EI is about

Emotions serve an important social and adaptive function. They increase our awareness of others and consequently our behaviour within the social context


EI is about

Emotional Intelligence involves noticing, labelling and interpreting our emotions and the emotions of others

EI is about

Like any skill, EI can be developed and it takes practise. Noticing and managing our attitudes, emotions and behaviour in a changing social context is a continual process

EI is about Self-Management

EI can start with identifying and dismantling limiting beliefs or restrictive habits and replacing them with enhancing ones

EI is about Sustainable Development

Research has shown that EI training and development can lead to moderate and positive improvements in EI, and that EI is more developable than attributes such as personality temperament and cognitive ability

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