Cubiks 360

Drive performance with a flexible feedback ecosystem

Cubiks 360 isn’t just a simple review tool with an automatic report. Instead we offer a range of comprehensive 360 solutions for development.  

Stimulate self-awareness in your people and enable them to understand their behaviour from the perspectives of others. Build development plans that encourage goal setting and skills growth. It all feeds into better performance for your people, and your business. 

With feedback and training from our multinational team of development specialists, you’ll have expert support at every stage of the process.


With Cubiks 360 you can:


Easily access flexible feedback collation and reporting online


Choose from a wide variation of versions, with multiple languages for global organisations


Select personalised or off-the-shelf solutions to suit your needs

In brief:

easily identify

Easily identify individual strengths and development requirements

Select flexible solutions including a dedicated leadership version

Find the best solution for your organisation with Cubiks customisation

Rely on Cubiks

Scientifically robust, designed by occupational psychologists and HR experts

Rely on cubiks

Rely on Cubiks Online, a simple platform that delivers tens of thousands Cubiks 360s every year