Inbox Simulation

Real life, real time assessments.

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Exercises like Etray offer a straightforward solution for recruiters looking to deliver assessment centres in-house. A vital component of many selection processes, job simulations like Etray recreate a busy email inbox so you can see how an individual responds under pressure. These tests can also offer candidates a taste of what would be expected of them in the role.

Cubiks provides off-the-shelf or fully tailored inbox simulation exercises that meet your exact needs. All scientifically robust, and built with multinational organisations in mind.


Solving realistic problems from a busy email inbox

Whether you’re looking to make quick and informed recruitment choices or you want to develop workforce skills, Cubiks’ Etray accurately assesses a candidate’s problem-solving skills when faced with a busy email inbox.

Etray allows you to:


Evaluate how individuals will perform in a role


Discover how participants work under time pressure


Reduce administration and improve accuracy

This job simulation exercise is packed with a variety of time sensitive, role-based emails to review and respond to. It allows participants to select their chosen responses, before applying a written test for manual evaluation by a trained assessor. With more emails arriving throughout the test, participants have to think on their feet.

Selecting and developing your team requires scientifically robust insight into their working practices, which is why we have developed three versions of Etray - one for graduates or junior managers, one for senior management and one for support staff.

In Brief

Realistic and engaging in tray assessments for candidates and staff

Three versions to assess individuals across different roles and levels

In-tray exercise

Offers a realistic job preview for candidates

Scientifically robust platform, created by Cubiks experts

Quick and easy to administer with Cubiks Online

Available in a range

Available in a range of languages for international assessments