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Getting to know you

Whether you’re assessing a first-stage candidate or a long-term employee, exploring their personality and preferred working style will help you get the most from them.

That’s why a scientifically sound personality questionnaire like PAPI 3 adds real value in your approach to identifying, selecting and developing people. Armed with reliable insight into an individual’s personality and drivers, you can make informed decisions and boost business performance quickly and effectively.

What’s more, our culturally sensitive assessments are available in a wide range of languages. Coupled with local expertise on the ground, we can support you with delivering excellence wherever you operate. PAPI also offers a Dynamic Report that overcomes the inefficiencies of traditional reporting by using a browser-based, interactive experience for better ease-of-use, flexibility, and all-in-one resource availability.


The world leading personality questionnaire

PAPI explores the drivers and preferred working styles of participants, offering reliable insight to help you select, identify and develop the talent you need. The results focus on what’s critical to your organisation, equipping your team to deliver impactful interviews and productive feedback discussions.

With PAPI you can

Explore behaviours that are relevant to you, and current to today’s business environments

personality questionnaire

Experience unparalleled international versatility from a tool developed for global use

Keep things simple with an intuitive platform; quickly sending invitations, checking progress and generating reports

The PAPI personality questionnaire provides the power for you to define exactly what you’re looking for. Using Job Profiler, you can send a short questionnaire to your job experts and automatically collate their input on what’s essential for success.

Developed from the ground up, PAPI is culturally sensitive and available in a variety of languages. This makes it ideal for international businesses looking to deliver personality assessments in multiple countries.

Personality Questionnaire

Discover our truly international people assessments

Who we are and where we're from has a big impact on how we communicate. That's why all of our people assessments are built to explore culture, as well as behaviour and skills.

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In Brief

Scientifically developed for the most reliable results

Universally applicable for all levels and roles


Assesses 26 personality dimensions, divided into 7 key areas

Optional versions specifically designed for Sales and Leadership positions

Dynamic Reporting at your fingertips, for fast access to the insight you need

Culturally sensitive

Culturally sensitive and available in a variety of languages

"Through PAPI, our HR Department at Groupama Northeast has greatly improved the objectivity of its internal and external recruitment processes. Each year, over 400 participants complete PAPI, helping HR successfully fill vacant positions in a reliable, transparent way. This approach is so successful that I would estimate we’ve held over 3,000 PAPI interviews. The profile wheel always offers us the insight we need to conduct comprehensive, fair interviews, and our candidates value the feedback provided to them, even if they are not successful.”
HR Development Manager, Groupama

HR Development Manager, Groupama