Assessment and development in remote TIMES

If you are evaluating how to keep on track with your assessment and development initiatives against the backdrop of the coronavirus, you are certainly not alone. With extensive experience of delivering virtual assessment globally, we can help you deal with increasingly remote employee and candidate populations. We will support you in working through how you can move online at pace.

Remote assessment

Assessment Centres can be moved online swiftly and effectively with the ready-to-use virtual job simulations in our unique VirtualAC solution.


Remote development

If you would like tips on delivering executive coaching and other development feedback virtually, or for support in finding additional resource, read our top tips below.


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Virtual assessment is already widely used in the assessment process

Our customers rate the acceptability of virtual assessments 4 out of 5

Assessing virtually has no impact on reliability and validity

Research shows that testing mode has no significant effect on the overall validity and reliability of the tests

Top tips for moving your in-person assessments and development initiatives online


As the coronavirus continues to spread, more and more businesses are starting to operate solely online. Moving to remote assessment online is a great way to ensure your talent management activities can continue during these challenging times.

Stick to the principles you would use face to face


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There’s no need to change your processes. Robust and reliable online assessment tools such as VirtualAC can align to your objectives and help you accurately measure what you need. Sticking to the same principles also means you are ensuring fairness when earlier participants were assessed in person.

Optimise the participant experience


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Research shows that online assessments can give a great participant experience, with participants preferring online assessment completion over pen-and-paper versions. To create an optimal participant experience that allows them to perform to their best ability, ensure you clearly communicate the online process, what’s expected from them, and how they can prepare.

Use video to make a connection


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Making a connection online becomes much easier with the use of cameras; Seeing each other while talking makes it easier to interpret what is being said and allows for deeper conversations.

Take your employer brand online


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There’s no need to forget about your employer brand when using remote assessments. Get creative by sharing company videos, asking colleagues to join in for a conversation, or by taking candidates on a virtual office tour.

Create a psychologically-safe environment


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Remember that participants need psychological safety to perform at their best. So use video for transparency and rapport building, find a quiet room, turn off your mobile and assure participants that there won’t be interruptions.

We are ready to discuss your unique situation and challenges: contact us to discuss how to bring your assessments online

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Take a deeper look at the benefits of moving your assessment and development centres online. Presented by our experienced consultants Georgina Stokes and Tom Parker, you will learn about our virtual solution which means:

  • Participants and assessors can be in different locations or even a different country
  • No role-players required
  • Behaviours for on the job success are measured: virtual simulations present realistic working challenges and require the participants to demonstrate key behaviours.

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How Mylan drove results through remote assessment and development


Mylan is a leading global pharmaceutical company headquartered in the US and currently operating in 145 countries. PSI designed a virtual development programme to measure Mylan’s leadership behaviours, using our unique online business simulation technology VirtualAC, and delivered in seven markets across three different continents.




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