HR breakfast explores the potential of People Analytics

HR teams are increasingly asking how they can better retain the right employees and manage their talent. These departments seek new ways to make their people processes more efficient and effective. In particular, with the rise of big data, many are keen to learn how their organisations could benefit from using analytics in HR.

7th February 2017


By Birger Gagnum, Cubiks Analyst

At Cubiks, we’ve been working with big data for a long time. As specialists in assessing people, we collect large quantities of HR data. Our People Analytics solutions combine this assessment data with the data available within an employer’s organisation to enhance talent management processes. That means creating new and actionable insights for employers.

In response to the growing interest in People Analytics, Cubiks’ Norwegian team arranged a breakfast seminar to introduce the key concepts and explore the value analytics can add to HR. Ellen Magnus, Country Manager for Cubiks Norway introduced the morning, with Jouko van Aggelen, Cubiks’ Head of People Analytics then demystifying the terminology and outlining some key analytics benefits.

Philip Åsberg, Cubiks Consultant, followed with an illuminating case study on a project Cubiks conducted with a major international bank. People Analytics enabled this client to identify the competencies crucial for sales success, and to also discover how to better retain its best talent.
To close the seminar, participants were invited to ask questions, which led to a lively and stimulating discussion around People Analytics opportunities, challenges, and the possible developments that are on the horizon.

For those working in HR, who are not generally accustomed to dealing with statistics and analysis, the field of analytics can seem intimidating. However, as our delegates at this event proved, HR professionals are willing and able to adapt to this new paradigm and embrace the exciting potential it offers.

Watch our short animation now to discover more about the basics of People Analytics.


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