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Potential for what? 4 Questions to ask about your High Potential programme
What are the common pitfalls in implementing 360 feedback, and how can you help ensure your initiatives are a success?
If you work in HR, you’ll understand that making decisions about people is a complex task. That’s where People Analytics provides a fantastic opportunity. We can bring in data to give you a helping hand.
When we take into account the literature and research around leadership development, as well as our observations in practice, it’s clear that self-knowledge is a core element in managerial and leadership roles.

The world of work is changing, it requires flexiblity, at Cubiks we can guide you and help find your best talents to help you grow

There’s a Cinderella story in every organization just waiting for their “one shining moment” in your High Potential program.
Organizations often struggle with correctly defining the concept of employee potential. Not surprisingly, they also encounter significant challenges assessing their employees to identify who has potential. Assuming we can tame this beast of a problem, after a company identifies its high potentials, the next challenge is to answer the question “Potential for what?”.
We've all heard about the potential advantages of applying analytics in HR. But with something so new and unfamiliar, getting started can feel daunting. The good news is that People Analytics doesn't need to be big and scary.
When the top performing 20% account for as much as 80% of organisational output, identifying and developing people with high potential at all levels in your workforce should be a no-brainer.
While data protection is a topic that few people get excited about, it’s also vitally important. Here is a simple overview together with some information about what Cubiks is doing.
What is the key factor that determines whether we’ve delivered a successful leadership assessment centre?
Vad innebär egentligen People Analytics? Hur fungerar det? Vilken inverkan kommer det ha i ditt jobb och hur hjälper det organisationer förbättra deras talangbedömning?