Attract, engage and match the best talent

Candidate screening just got exciting

Being a superstar employer comes with its challenges. If you’re struggling to efficiently handle high volumes of applications while keeping candidates engaged, you’re not alone.

But here’s the good news. An inspiring candidate screening process that runs like clockwork is achievable and easy to implement.

Balance efficiency with great candidate experience

Whether you want to project your employer values, understand how candidates will react in a variety of work situations, or gain clear insights into each applicant’s cognitive skills, personality and potential, Cubiks can help you to evaluate all of these aspects with a single, straightforward process. All the while delivering a fun and engaging candidate experience founded on decades of psychometric research and HR expertise.

Attract top talent. Automate and accelerate screening. It’s a complete online selection system.

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 Screen candidates faster

Reduce your workload by automatically filtering out up to 75% of applicants. You could cut time to hire in half.

Attract and engage

Beat the competition with an exciting solution that brings in the talent you want to attract and keeps them engaged.

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Save money

Conserve resources. Let your screening solution do the heavy lifting. Our clients have saved up to £1m per year.

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Stand out

Showcase the amazing opportunities you can offer and project your employer brand with a fully personalised solution that reflects who you really are.

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Gain insight

Get to know candidates before you even meet them with a range of clear, impactful reports.

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Go global

Roll-out a single process, culturally adapted and available in a range of languages. Perfect for achieving a consistent approach internationally.

The perfect blend of expertise, smart tools and flexible services

We’ll build a personalised candidate screening solution you can be really proud of. Get challenging, interactive assessments, scientific results, automatic scoring, insightful reports and a whole lot more.

Outstanding talent tools. Take your pick.

Personality Questionnaires

Minimise candidate seat time with our short, focused Factors questionnaire.

Ability Tests

Test cognitive ability, the single most reliable predictor of performance, with Cubiks’ Logiks series.


Explore how people might respond to situations they’ll encounter at work.

Values and Culture

Allow candidates to measure their fit with your values and culture.

People Analytics

Uncover hidden trends and continuously improve your people processes.

Integration & Technology

Drive efficiency by integrating Cubiks assessment solutions with your other software platforms.


Ensure your managers and recruiters have all the information they need to conduct focused interviews and make smart selection decisions.

Potential Indicator

Begin identifying high potentials at the point of hire.

It’s time to take the hassle out of candidate screening in recruitment

Recruiters today are understandably frustrated by talent acquisition challenges. It’s tough trying to strike the right balance between assessing thoroughly while also making sure that people have a great experience applying to your organisation.
How can you achieve this balance while conserving resources? How can you make sure you’re not spending valuable time doing work manually that could be automated? How can you ease the burden of initial candidate pre-screening and focus more closely on interviewing the very best candidates?
The answer lies in combining incredible experiences with the very latest selection technology.
Our team will create the optimum blend of exciting content and scientifically-grounded assessments, bringing you a single assessment experience that accurately screens out the least suitable candidates and progresses the top applicants to the next stage.
We’ll configure your solution specifically to your organisation, personalising it to focus on what’s most important to you. And the best part? Automated screening leaves you free to spend more time getting to know the most suitable candidates.
This enhanced focus, plus the knowledge gained from your assessments will ensure you are ideally positioned to select individuals who really fit your role requirements and company culture.



Your formula for finding the best talent


You don’t want your candidate selection system to be just like everyone else’s. You want to shout about all the amazing things your organisation has to offer. With us, you’ll get a candidate screening solution that carries your branding and really sells how great you are as an employer.
Whether providing candidates with opportunities to immerse themselves in assessments that showcase your organisation’s values, or embedding integrated video content that helps applicants to get a flavour of working life in your business, we have the know-how and track record to develop an award-winning solution for you.
But all those innovations don’t mean we’re not serious about the rigour of the assessments we include.
We guarantee you’ll get an accurate and reliable evaluation of your candidates’ competencies, potential, abilities and personalities. Plus, our automatic personalised feedback makes the process even easier for you, while adding value for applicants. Whether they’re successful or not, your candidates will receive an email explaining how they performed in their assessments and why you made your decision – all without you lifting a finger.


We’re not shy about telling you our creative candidate screening solutions have won a whole lot of awards. That’s because our happy clients have made huge cost savings, slashed time to hire and cut drop out rates by as much as 30%. Why not see if we can do the same for you?








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