Make your data work for you. Uncover compelling insights that help answer your talent management questions and inspire meaningful change in your organisation.

Intelligence. Insight. Inspiration.

If you’ve got questions about how to better select, develop and retain your people, there are bound to be answers in your data. We know that for most HR teams, People Analytics can feel daunting. That’s why we keep things clear, uncomplicated, and most importantly, focused on your people and your issues.

Bring our HR Analytics experts on board and we can explore how effective your talent solutions really are, and identify ways to enhance them. By diving into all aspects of your people and business data, we will uncover compelling insights that answer your talent management questions and inspire meaningful change in your organisation.

Cubiks' People Analytics allow you to:

Cut out the complex calculations and quickly create the overviews you need.

Play with your data - explore your questions and discover relationships.

Streamline your processes with seamlessly integrated dashboards.

Interactive data dashboards.

With so much information available to talent leaders, it can often feel hard to get a handle on it. Plug in our intuitive data dashboards and you’ll soon be discovering exciting new workforce insights. Quickly find patterns and relationships, easily slice and dice your data, make comparisons and zoom in on the strengths and opportunities for development across groups of your choosing.

Data insight to effortlessly enhance talent management.

People Analytics doesn’t have to be complex and overwhelming. We’ve invented the Cubiks Quickscan to prove it. Its simple and efficient to impliment, and our data scientists can generate incredible insights from the data you already have.

With Quickscan you can:

Receive valuable insights from the existing assessment data that you provide to Cubiks.

Gain intelligence to fine-tune and boost your people assessments.

Get quick results with our speedy process, the perfect way to begin your HR Analytics journey.

Optimise talent solutions

Thoroughly evaluate how your talent solutions are performing and discover where to make improvements.

Strive for success

Get to grips with the true criteria for success in your organisation, and make sure your assessments hit that mark.


Evolve your processes

Find out what works. Review your people processes and remove unnecessary steps and direct effort to what truly adds value.

Discover new insights

Gain a fascinating overview of your workforce; slice and dice data to compare key demographics and explore trends.

Start getting answers

Draw on data analysis to answer your burning talent management questions. Get the evidence you need to make crucial changes.

Trust Cubiks

Rely on the Cubiks team to combine ISO certified security systems with analytics expertise, and crucially - the human touch. 

HR Analytics: Uniting and amplifying insight across every stage of the talent journey

View over a person's shoulder at computer screen displaying Cubiks candidate assessment solution

Screen Candidates

Build incredible algorithms to accurately screen candidates.


Select The Best

Hire the best; use data insights to refine selection.

Identify Talent

Leverage data on high potential in your workforce.

Cubiks Head of Marketing in discussion during business meeting around table

Develop Your Workforce

Identify what’s needed to accelerate individual and team growth.




At Cubiks we keep People Analytics clear, uncomplicated and most importantly focused on your people and your issues.




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