Empowering people to achieve their potential around the world

Third Party Channels Team is the business unit in Cubiks that is responsible for the growth and management of the partner network. On behalf of Cubiks, we are also sourcing associate consultants to work with us.

Cubiks has a versatile portfolio of personalised talent management solutions. From 15 offices around the world our consultants help customers better understand their people, predict performance, release their potential and achieve great results. In addition we have been successfully working with partners to deploy our portfolio through a variety of partnership formats. Building on that success we want to further grow our existing partnership and find new partners in those countries where we do not have a footprint yet.

Vincent van de Belt, Head of Third Party Channels


Headshot of Catherine Pieters, Cubiks Senior Consultant
Senior Consultant

Catherine Pieters

Catherine manages and supports existing partners in Europe, Africa and South America. She has been with Cubiks since 2000, and held various roles before joining the team in 2012, when it was created. Catherine delivers product training in various languages across the world and she looks to grow the partner network in her region.
Fun fact: Catherine will not leave the dance floor before the music stops playing.

Headshot of Federica Carra, Cubiks TPC Administrator
TPC Administrator

Federica Carra

Federica supports her TPC colleagues and Cubiks Partners in coordinating international projects and administering Cubiks Online Accounts. Federica enjoys the high level of variety she has in her role and loves working with partners with different cultural backgrounds. 

Little known fact: Federica can give you excellent tips about Paris as she used to be a tour guide!

Headshot of Vincent van de Belt, Cubiks Head of Third Party Channels
Head of Third Party Channels

Vincent van de Belt

Vincent has a strong track record working with Cubiks in both operational and corporate roles. He is currently based in Hong Kong and responsible for Cubiks partnerships internationally. He is managing and supporting existing partners to develop the business and is always on the lookout for new partners in uncovered territories. 

Speaking of uncovered territories…on the weekends he loves to go hiking and explore the more remote areas of Hong Kong.

Why our partners work with us

People Matter

And we mean all people: our clients, their candidates, our staff, our suppliers and of course … our partners!

Win Together

Your success, is our success. We work closely together to grow existing clients and win new ones.

Release Potential

With a combination of portfolio and expertise, we will build solutions that last and truly support clients with their talent management goals.

Headshot of Antonio Pamos, Socio-Director of Facthum in Spain, a Cubiks partner


“I have been working with Cubiks for almost 20 years. It has been one of the best things that happened to me. I had the chance to both, become part of a high talented family and being the first using the latest technology for assessment. I’m really proud of it”.

Antonio Pamos, Ph. D. , Socio-Director of Facthum, Spain 


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