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Working life is changing fast and the contents of working roles are being updated rapidly. Therefore it is increasingly important that, at the recruitment stage, the focus shifts from a review of past and present performance, to the assessment of future potential.
During a 30 minutes webinar Martha De Troyer, Product Solutions Manager And Britt De Soete, Senior Talent Management Consultant from Cubiks Benelux discussed the keys to recruit without making a costly mistake in 2020.
Insightful article by Janki Kanabar Consultant at Cubiks about working in a vitual teams the pros and cons and how it might work in the future.
A combination of experts from across the globe deliver their valuable insights and data in the newest feedback magazine from Cubiks. Download the magazine to read about how you can use feedback to drive and empower talent development.
Learn how to run outstanding hiring programs with Insights and facts from some of Cubiiks' best and brightest located throughout Europe. Cubiks supports more than 1000 clients in over 50 countries. Our solutions support not only the needs of employers looking to hire top talent, but also enhance the candidate journey.
Today’s work environment is extremely diverse. However, just simply having diversity in your organisation doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily benefit from it.
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Personality assessments for recruitment are growing in popularity and are now commonplace. Here are our Top Tips on how to set yourself and your organization up to capture the greatest value from a personality profiling tool in recruitment situations.
Alanna Harrington shares her research findings on whether job fit is important for candidates. The results of over 600, 16-30 year olds completing our values-fit assessment Cubiks Capture.
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We’ll give you a hint; the very first thing is to make sure your feedback sticks! In this webinar, Jouko van Aggelen and Jurn de Boer shared their views and best practices on HR tech, how to mitigate the risks and, most importantly, how it can lead to amazing results.
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As 2019 draws to a close, we'd like to share our 5 most popular articles from the past year.

As an HR consultancy we often talk to clients about the use and value of 360 feedback. 360 feedback is a highly regarded and well-established tool that helps understand the strengths and development areas of an employee in relation to the organisation’s desired behaviours. It offers an insightful view, which can be made even more valuable by adding a few open text questions, such as ‘What does the employee do well?’ or ‘What should they start doing?’. These narrative questions add context to the ratings and make the picture complete.
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Last year, almost 130,000 Multi-Rater Assessments were carried out via Cubiks Online, our central assessment administration platform. We analysed the data across these assessments to discover the ten most frequently assessed competencies internationally.