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Being the best today isn’t enough. You need to know you’ll also be ahead of the curve, and equipped to keep competing tomorrow. Get the competitive edge you need with People Analytics.

We’ll explore all aspects of your people and business data to uncover compelling insights that answer your talent management questions and inspire meaningful change in your organisation.


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Leave the number-crunching to us, simply access the information you need!


People Analytics Quick Scan 

Effortlessly enhance your talent management initiatives. Our data scientists can generate incredible insights from the data you already have. You’ll be surprised how simple it really is.


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Interactive data dashboards

Discover what you can do with your HR data. Plug in our amazingly intuitive data dashboards and you’ll soon be finding a wealth of new insights into your workforce.


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People Analytics at Cubiks: What we do

Connect people data to your business questions, enriching and analysing it

Generate meaningful, fact-based insights, presented via interactive data dashboards

Deliver knowledge and inspiration to boost your success


Our experts know all about data. We’ve been powering people assessments with data for decades. You can trust our team to analyse your data and deliver the facts you need to make the best possible people decisions. 

If you need reassurance your data is in safe hands, you can rest assured that our ISO certified security systems will encrypt, anonymise and keep the data secure.

Find the answers with Analytics

How do our new hires compare to our ideal role profile?

How do those we hire differ from those we reject?


How can we find patterns among hired candidates?

Are there common characteristics in the people we retain or those who leave?

Can we highlight the types of training or development our people most need?

Are different types of candidates hired in different parts of the organisation?