Where next?

Your existing workforce is brimming with hidden talent. Our talent identification solutions will shine a light on your future stars.

To grow and retain your talent, you need to know how to spot and unlock real potential. But the first step is to establish what potential actually means within your organisation.

Our experts work with you to define what this looks like in the context of your business. Once you know what you need, we’ve got a suite of talent identification tools and services to help you detect those who fit your vision.


Experience shows that effective talent development and retention makes for an energised and engaged workforce.

Identifying individuals who are capable of building on their competencies and progressing quickly to new roles also makes perfect business sense. After all, they are the people who will drive your organisation forward in the future.

Identify in practice

Talent assessments identify high potential, and feedback provides participants with practical information to jumpstart their careers.

An end-to-end solution for ArcelorMittal to identify and develop high potentials across the business on multiple continents.

A fully integrated talent identification process for Carrefour France with tailored training and development plans.

Enhanced retention of high potentials and more robust succession planning.

Participants across the globe report a positive experience and value the insight gained.


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“Our potential assessment, created with Cubiks, has enabled us to identify more than 90 young talents within the first two years.”

HR Director, Carrefour Hypermarket France